Freya Eilif Beauchamp
Biographical information


  • Barmaid at the Cat & Shadow
  • The Traveler
Family information
Family members
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Summoning a spirit
Significant kills
Cause of death
  • Anima Aucupe destroyed her soul along with Ambrose Bancroft
Killed by
Played by
First seen
Last seen

1848 Freya Beauchamp was the daughter of Joanna and Victor, younger sister of Ingrid, twin sister of Frederick, and niece of Wendy.


Freya worked as a barmaid and entertainer at her family's opium den called the "Cat & Shadow" in the 1840's. She met and fell in love with a man named Edgar Allan Poe, which prompted her to tell her secret. Poe was then inspired to write multiple stories about her and her family. When the inspiration ran out, Freya sought to help him by summoning a spirit, causing her to become possessed by a dark ghost and started murdering people around town, including her own aunt Wendy. Joanna and Ingrid collected a powerful weapon, Anima Aucupe, a box with enough power to kill both the ghost and its host. Knowing there was no other way, Joanna killed her own daughter with her very own hands.


Basic Powers

Individual Powers

Traveler's Powers


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