Freya Eilif Beauchamp
1970's Freya
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Freya Eilif Beauchamp

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  • Unknown
  • Drug Dealer (formerly)
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  • Female
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1970's Freya Beauchamp was a former drug-dealer and one of Freya Beauchamp's past lives.


In the 1970's we see one of Freya's past lives dancing in a club. She then turns her attention towards a bartender named Bobby she then tells him to meet her in the bathroom in five minutes. In the bathroom Freya does a snort of coke and Bobby walks in they then have a sexual encounter. Later on the dance floor Freya's boyfriend and club owner Dan pulls her out. He tells her that he needs her to make him more magic coke and that we'll give her anything in the world. Freya then tries to leave but not before Dan gives her a bug kiss in front of Bobby. She then goes to Bobby, he tries to convince Freya to leave Dan and to run away with him but she tells him that he is dangerous and afraid. Freya then sees that Dan has been watching him and she runs off. The next morning Freya uses a potion and a spell to make pounds of coke stronger and better. She then tells Dan that she doesn't want to use her gifts like this anymore. They then get into a fight and Dan throws Freya to the wall Freya gets up and tries to leave but Dan wouldn't allow her to so she telekinetically pushed him away and left with Dan scream to her "You're dead!" Freya then goes to visit her mother Joanna and meets a woman named Alex. Freya tells Joanna that she left Dan and Joanna becomes happy she then tells her that she is in love with another man and that they are moving to California. Alex then reads Freya's palm and tells her that Freya and Bobby are star-crossed and that she needs to let him go. Freya then leaves the house to go to Bobby. Freya goes back to the club and gives Bobby a kiss they then attempt to leave but Dan walks up to them and shoots Bobby in the chest killing him while Freya cries over his lifeless body.

Powers & Abilities

Freya possessed the basic powers of a witch and was cursed with the power of reincarnation.

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