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Adam Noble
Biographical information

1980s (Possibly)




Police Detective

  • Human (before death)
  • Ghost (after death)


Family information
Cause of death

Brain Aneurysm

Killed by

Ingrid Beauchamp (Indirectly)

Played by

Jason Winston George

First seen


Last seen

Electric Avenue

About a year ago, I went into the library to get a detective book. I asked you to dinner and you laughed in my face.
— Adam to Ingrid [src]

Adam Noble was one of the main characters of Witches of East End.


Charming and charismatic, Adam was in love with Ingrid Beauchamp. Ingrid finds him charming as well. He had tried on multiple occasions to ask her out and usually they end with "no" or an interruption that cannot be ignored.

Throughout the series, Adam was shown to be a caring boyfriend. Adam found the courage and asked Ingrid out, to which she replied yes. Adam can be seen as nice and trustworthy; he was taken off the Joanna Beauchamp case because his superiors thought that he could be potentially biased due to his friendship with Ingrid. 


Early Life

Information on Adam's early life is not well-mentioned, but it is known that shortly before he began dating Ingrid, he was in a relationship with a woman named Emma.


Freya Beauchamp: Friends


Ingrid Beauchamp: In love with, former romance (Because he died). (See the main page for Ingrid and Adam)

Emma: Ex-girlfriend (Not seen)

Season 1

Adam Noble/Season 1

Powers and Abilities

Adam was originally mortal, but after he dies, Ingrid Beauchamp summons his spirit and he becomes a ghost. Adam possesses the powers of all ghosts.


Gallery of Photographic stills released to promote the character.

Novel Counterpart

Adam's counterpart in the book series is Matt Noble, who like Adam, works in law enforcement as local police inspector in North Hampton. He is Ingrid's true love and has a daughter named Maggie.