Alex and Joanna
A and J
Status Ex-girlfriends; Friends
First met Before Pilot, in the 1970s
Intimacy level Ex-Girlfriends, Broke up on bad terms in 1978, Rekindled their relationship, Departed on good terms (Present Day), Both are witches
Portrayed by Michelle Hurd and Julia Ormond

This is the romance between Alex and Joanna Beauchamp. They were originally dating in the 1980s and were close. That all changed when Joanna ended it with her because she claimed that Alex was "too intense". Their breakup was partly due to Alex revealing the past life Freya that she was doomed with her soulmate Bobby in every past life.

In present day, they originally weren't on good speaking terms, but Joanna needed her help in tracking down The Mandragora and destroying it. They rekindled their feelings and relationship when spending some time together tracking it down. But once Joanna found out that The Mandragora and Ingrid were mates, the situation became complicated because if The Mandragora was killed, Ingrid would be killed too. They eventually found a solution to the conflict and killed The Mandragora. Alex went back to New York City, but they parted on good terms.

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