Ambrose Bancroft
Biographical information


  • Deceased
  • Serial killer (formerly)
  • Male
Family information
Family members
  • Rose (sister)
Supernatural information
style="border=top: 1px solid #d9d9d9; border-bottom: 1px solid #d9d9d9;">Significant kills="infoboxcell" style=border-top: 1px solid #d9d9d9; border-bottom: 1px solid #d9d9d9;">
Cause of death
  • Unknown (Mortal Realm)
  • Sent to hell via the Anima Aucupe
Killed by
Played by

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

First seen

Poe Way Out

Last seen

Poe Way Out

Ambrose Bancroft was a serial killer alive during the 18th/19th century. 

In 1848, Freya performed a Seance with Edgar Allan Poe to help inspire him, when Freya opened the door to the Spirit realm, Ambrose was able to break from his eternal bonds in The Underworld and possess her. Edgar was able to drive out the spirit by commanding him, however it did not last and Ambrose was able to take control of Freya's body, killing three people. Wendy then attempted to battle Ambrose but he snapped her neck via use of Freya's powers. Joanna and Ingrid then sought out the help from a Warlock who gave them the Anima Aucupe, a powerful weapon. Joanna and Ingrid then performed a Summoning Spell in the woods to attract the Spirit. Joanna then used the Anima to drive his soul out of Freya's body, killing Freya and eventually Ingrid in the process.

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