Amy 2
Amy Matthews
Biographical information










Family information
Family members


Cause of death

Stabbed in the neck with Argentum.

Killed by

Penelope Gardiner

Played by

Tiya Sircar

First seen

Potentia Noctis

Last seen

A Parching Imbued

Amy Matthews worked at the East End Hospital with Dash. She ultimately died in 2013, after being stabbed in the neck.


In the show, Amy was happy and cheerful. Amy loves her job and did a lot of research for her job. She found out, one case with the Branchous Mortious, which shows how dedicated she was and it also led to her unfortunate death.


Killian Gardiner

Amy started her relationship with Killian, because she liked how he was. He was free, something she wasn't really. After observing him, she thought that Killian liked Freya. Amy respected this and broke up with him, to make him happy. They agreed to be friends before she was killed by Penelope Gardiner.

Dash Gardiner: Friend, Former Co-worker (She died).

Freya Beauchamp: Acquaintance/Possible Friend.


Early Life

not much is known about her early life, except she went to college for a PhD.

Relationship with Killian

Amy began a relationship with Killian Gardiner whom she met at the hospital when Dash was testing Killian after the incident in Electric Avenue. Sometime  after being introduced to Killian she fell for him and began a relationship with him. However the relationship was cut short when Amy's suspicions towards Killian's feelings for Freya were confirmed.


Dash asked Amy to view the catacombs beneath Fair Haven, to check out the wall of Ramous Mortioum , when Amy finally arrived she found Penelope Gardiner collecting the poison residue left behind and chanting latin, she was then stabbed in the neck by Penelope who injected her with the poison which ultimately killed her.


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