Anthony Konechny
Character The Mandragora
Season(s) 2
Birthplace Vancouver, Canada
Date OF Birth September 23
IMDb profile

Anthony Konechny plays the role of The Mandragora on Lifetimes Witches of East End.


Anthony Konechny studied theatre and film for a few years then was picked up by Vancouver's John Davies Talent Agency. He started his career off booking highly rated shows such as 'Smallville', Nickelodeon's 'The Troop', R.L Stine's 'The Haunting Hour', and Hallmark's 'Note from the Heart Healer'. His relentless work ethic to his training and charming bad boy sex appeal landed him a Guest Star on ABC/CTV's hit series 'Motive'. Anthony Konechny then landed a recurring role on J.J. Abram's hit series on FOX 'Almost Human', as well as Warner Bros and Legendary Films blockbuster 'Godzilla'. Outside of the studio, Anthony is incredibly passionate about his physique, and has spent long hard hours training his body to peak condition. He plans on taking the stage to compete in the Mens Physique Fitness Competition in November 2013.

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