Effects: To teleport an object or person from one place to another.
Users: King Nikolaus
Penelope Gardiner

Apportation is the power to teleport any object or matter from one place to another without physical contact.


This power has only ever been showed to be used by King Nikolaus. He is able to teleport ropes and other various objects to a certain location. When the object is teleporting it glows until it has reached it's location. Whenever King Nikolaus wants to he can also make the object disappear without a trace.

Notable Users

King Nikolaus

  • King Nikolaus was able to apportate ropes to tie Dash down to a chair at Fair Haven.
  • The King was also able to teleport ropes off of Dash to free himself from a chair at Fair Haven.
  • King Nikolaus was also able to teleport Wendy to the Beauchamp Family Home.

Penelope Gardiner

  • Penelope was able to apporate a flock of ravens


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