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Argentium is a poisonous metal liquid from Asgard. Argentium which means silver in latin.


Argentium is a poison that comes from the realm of Asgard. It sept through
Argentum up close

Argentium up close.

the Portal wall in the Catacombs at Fairhaven when Penelope Gardiner tried to create a rift between the two worlds. Argentum is lethal to mortals and can kill instantly. Argentium is one of the few things that can kill Joanna. Penelope almost killed Joanna when she poisoned her with this substance. The poison swept through her body and eventually attacked her brain, causing siezures and nose bleeds. Victor was able to temporarily halt some of the effects of the poisoning by placing Leeches into her arms, however it did not cure the sickness. Joanna was only able to survive when Frederick transferred the disease into himself. Ramus Mortium also contains Argentium however it takes longer to kill a person, it slowely fills up the lungs of the person until they drown from within.

Noteable Examples

Penelope Gardiner

  • Penelope injected a syringe full of Argentium into Amy Matthews' neck which instantly killed her.
  • She once threw a spoonful of Argentium at a wall which caused the wall to burst into silver flames.

Frederick Beauchamp

  • Frederick has built up a natural immunity to Argentium as his grandfather has attempted to kill him with it several times.
  • He was able to pull the poison from Joanna and take it into himself.