Astral Projection
Effects: To project a person's mind outside of their body.
Users: Freya Beauchamp
Frederick Beauchamp

Astral Projection, also known as Spirit Walking, is the ability to project ones consciousness outside of their body to another place. This ability can help a witch explore an area or see the destination without needing to physically travel there.


Astral Projection is achieved by performing a specific ritual requiring many different ingredients including: animal bones, crystals, and branches. The incantation used for this spell is usually spoken in Old Norse. One of them has to say the name of who they are looking for. Freya and Frederick are the only magical beings shown to use this ability.

Notable Examples

Freya Beauchamp

Frederick Beauchamp

  • Frederick mentioned that Freya and he used to astral project in Asgard.
  • Frederick used Astral Projection with his twin Freya to find Killian.
  • Frederick used Astral Projection with his twin Freya to find Tarkoff


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