Aura Reading
Power Information
  • To see and read the auras of others.

Aura Reading is the ability to see and read the auras of others.


Witches and warlocks that have this power are able to feel and sometimes see the auras of the person they are reading. Wendy revealed to Freya that they are very intuitive especially with other witches and warlocks. When seeing someone's aura, a witch or warlock sees the certain colors that determines their moods and feelings.


An Aura is the soul energy that surrounds a person. Good auras glow gold depending on how much good that person creates, while evil auras are black. A red aura signifies love.

Notable Uses

Freya Beauchamp

  • Freya was revealed to Wendy that she can read other people's auras as well.
  • When Dash walked into the bar Freya said that his aura was really dark.
  • Freya read Killian's aura and saw that he loved Eva.

Wendy Beauchamp

  • While at the farmers market Wendy was able to read Freya's aura telling her that it is twelve different colours.

Molly Overbrook

  • Molly uses this power in the novel.