Mr. Flectcher
Bill Thatcher
Biographical information










Family information
Family members

Maura Thatcher (wife)

Cause of death

Eyeballs and tongue ripped out.

Killed by

The Shifter

Played by

Michael St John Smith

First seen


Last seen

Electric Avenue


Bill Thatcher was the husband of Maura Thatcher. He was murdered by The Shapeshifter, at the beginning of Pilot.


Not much is known about his personality. He did seem to be nice and friendly as he and Maura stopped to say hi to The Shapeshifter, when they thought it was Joanna Beauchamp.


Early Life

Not much is known, but we do know he married Maura Flatcher.

Season 1

Pilot - Bill and his wife are walking their dog when they see Joanna. They thing it's strange on what she is carving in the graveyard. When they turn to the other direction, she is seen their and her eyes turn green and you can hear their screams. It is later found out, that is a shapeshifter and that Bill was murdered. In the morning while Ingrid was reading the newspaper she reveals that Bill's eyes and tongue were ripped out and that Maura Thatcher was alive but was not sure if she would live or die.

Electric Avenue - Bill was seen in an imaginary dream world that was cast by Joanna and Wendy in Maura Thatchers mind. They both seem to be happy however it was not real but it is more like an never ending dream.

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