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Box to the Future
Season 2, Episode 12
Woee 212 05052014 jd 0397
Air date October 5, 2014
Written by Richard Hatem
Directed by Joe Dante
Episode Guide transcript
Poe Way Out
For Whom the Spell Tolls
Box to the Future is the twelfth episode of Season 2.  The Episode aired with For Whom the Spell Tolls as part of a Two hour Season finale event,


The two-hour Witches of East End Season finale takes the Beauchamps back in time to the 1840s where Freya encounters Edgar Allan Poe and Joanna is ensnared by a dangerous admirer. Killian does the unthinkable and risks his life for his one true love. The season comes to a shocking and tragic end when the Beauchamps lose one of their own


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Main cast

Guest Stars


Lifetime's Witches of East End - 2x12 "Box To The Future" promo00:31

Lifetime's Witches of East End - 2x12 "Box To The Future" promo



Paul Cary & the Small Scarys Daggers
Georgiana Starlington The Great Divide
Julia Ormond & Rachel Boston Bringing in the Sheaves


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