Bran Gardiner
Biological Information
  • Alive
  • God of Mischief
Physical Information
  • Male
Family Information
First Appearance
Branford Lyon Gardiner, or "Bran" as he is called, Is also known as Loki, the god of Mischief.  He is the older brother of Killian Gardiner. For his Television counterpart see Dash Gardiner


After Freya had an affair with his brother Killian during their engagement, it was revealed that Bran was Loki, the God of Mischief who had been summoning the Poison on Midgard through the Tree of Life. . With the aid of Norn Verdandi, the Beauchamp family discovered Loki was the one who had absorbed the power of the Gods when he destroyed the Gofrir Bridge, becoming the strongest God of them all, while the others were losing their powers. Freya initially believes that Killian is Loki, here to disrupt her relationship with Bran, only to discover that Bran is Loki and that his trips were not for charitable purposes but to encourage the destruction of the gates between the worlds. Freya and Ingrid travel into the rift to stop Loki, managing to barely succeed and return home.