Power Information
  • To move from one place to another in an instant.

Celerity, most frequently known as Enhanced Speed, is the power to move from one distance to another at a higher speed than the humanly possible.


Celerity is a supernatural physical ability that allows certain creatures to move incredibly fast, although this may vary depending on the magical being; creatures like the Mandragora move so fast enough to not be easily perceived but leave a smoky trail behind that can expose their presence and the directions in which they move. In the books, celerity is a power related strictly to the Blue Bloods, and unlike the Mandragoras (who are said to exist in that universo) they move so fast that can’t even be seen by the human eye nor recording devices. Witches and warlocks rarely demonstrate this ability; in the show, Victor Beauchamp is the only warlock to allegedly have this powers and in the books, a dark elf was able to induce speed in others with a magical ring.

Known Users

  • Victor Beauchamp: According to him, moving fast is his gift. He used this power to get to his apartment in the city and back to the Beauchamp Family Home in a very short time.
  • The Mandragora: This asgardian demon could move so fast that he couldn’t be easily seen. He often used this power to attack his victims and to escape whenever he was in danger.
  • Alberich: Using the Rhinegold, he could make a man move supernaturally fast from a bench to the edge of the train tracks.
  • Janet Steele was able to quickly run into the depths of the Underworld, surprising her two daughters, who couldn't believe how fast she ran.