Effects: To create and manipulate plants
Users: Ingrid Beauchamp
Freya Beauchamp
King Nikolaus
Penelope Gardiner
Joanna Beauchamp
Freddie Beauchamp

Chlorokinesis (also called Arborkinesis or Agrokinesis) is the ability to create and manipulate plants.


Some Witches have the ability to create plant-life with their minds. The only witches seen to have used this power are; Ingrid Beauchamp in the 1600's and Freya Beauchamp during her engagement party with Dash Gardiner.

Notable Examples

Ingrid Beauchamp

  • Ingrid used power during winter in the 1600's before the Salem Witch Trials.

Freya Beauchamp

  • After making out with Killian in the bathroom of her engagement party, her power made a vase of flowers spontaniously combust. She then fled the room, as she ran down the hallway, 2 vases of flowers bloomed and exploded.
  • She also used this power to turn the flower on her head red.

King Nikolaus

  • King Nikolaus used this power to trap Ingrid on the wall in vines. 

Penelope Gardiner

  • Penelope used this power to kill the tree at the Beauchamp Family Home
  • Penelope also used this power to turn a bouquet of red roses into black roses of death.

Freya Beauchamp (Book)

  • Freya made ​​olives being firm and juicy.

Joanna Beauchamp (Book)

  • Joanna Beauchamp made dead grasses turn green and shiny.
  • She also makes the vegetables and fruits from his garden grow quickly and well maintained.

Frederick Beauchamp (Book)

  • It's said that Freddie can control flowers.


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