Power Information
  • To hide oneself or others.

Cloaking is an ability to hide yourself and others.   


The Mandragora and King Nikolaus are the only beings to use this power and it is unknown if witches and warlocks can use this power as well. The Mandragora activated this power they becomes like a fast moving black shadow. This power is best used at night so you blend into the shadows that in the light where you would be exposed. The King activated this power through a hand gesture which made Ingrid invisible to everyone except him.

Notable Examples

The Mandragora

  • The Mangragora used this ability to hide and run away from Wendy while he is hiding in the woods.
  • He also used this power to abduct people and carve The King's Symbol on his victims bodies.

King Nikolaus

  • The King used this ability to cloak Ingrid making her invisible to others except himself.