Power Information
  • To curse someone.
Cursing is the ability to curse others with a bad affliction.  


Witches and Warlocks with this power can pick the curses each of their targets get. King Nikolaus is the only known warlock with this power.  He achieved this power by saying "Maledictum" and a symbol appeared on the foreheads of those he cursed, marking them for life. 

Notable Examples

King Nikolaus

  • The King used this power to curse the Beauchamp women. He mentioned choosing what each of them got like Joanna being a good mother material and Wendy seeming like she would be a bad one.

Ingrid Beauchamp (Book)

  • Ingrid knows about a curse that requires of a pentacle and thirteen black candles. She thought of using this curse agaisn't Caitlin Parker so her entire body would be covered in boils.