Biological Information


  • Unknown
  • Deceased
Killed by
  • Unknown
  • Drug Dealer / Club Owner
Physical Information
  • Male
Hair Color
  • Brown
Magical Information
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Dan was a powerful warlock. He was a drug dealer and a club owner in the 70's and one of Dash's past lives.


In the 1970's we see Dan is one of Dash Gardiner's past lives who owns a nightclub which is the backdrop for his shady drug dealings. He is in one of his booths when he sees Freya dancing with a bartender named Bobby. She then goes to the bathroom and Bobby follows her whilst Dan watches them walk away. Later Freya is back on the dance floor when Dan pulls her out. He tells her that he needs her to make him more magic coke and that he'll give her anything in the world. Freya then tries to leave but not before Dan gives her a bug kiss in front of Bobby. Dan then sees Freya speaking to Bobby intensely and she walks away Dan and Bobby then have a little stare-off. The next day Freya performs a spell to make Dan's newly imported coke stronger and better but Freya tells him that she does not want to do this anymore. They then get into a fight where Dan tells her that he knows about her and Bobby. Freya tries to leave but Dan sends her flying into the wall, Freya then gets up and pushes him away and leaves. We then hear Dan shouting to Freya that she's dead. At the club Dan sees Freya kiss Bobby and they attempt to leave but Dan walks up to them and shoots Bobby in the chest telling Freya "This is your fault! That's what you get."

Powers and Abilities

Dan was a warlock in the 70's therefore he possessed the basic powers of a witch/warlock and the ability to be reincarnated.