Dash, Killian and Freya
Freya's boys
Nicknames Dillian, Dreya, Frillian
Status Love Triangle (Ended)
First met Before Pilot (Dash and Freya)
Pilot (Freya and Killian)
Intimacy level Dash and Freya were engaged, but she fell for Killian and left Dash for him
Portrayed by Eric Winter, Daniel Di Tomasso and Jenna Dewan-Tatum

This is the love triangle between the struggles of brothers, Dash Gardiner and Killian Gardiner, to win the former wild-child-now-witch of Freya Beauchamp. In the beginning of the series, Dash and Freya were engaged, but when Killian Gardiner strolled into town, Freya was immediately intrigued by him. Through impulse, Killian and Freya shared passionate kiss before Freya guiltily broke away. Throughout Season 1, Killian and Freya had a complicated friendship. When Dash found out they kissed, he was furious but forgave her when she was genuinely sorry. On their wedding night, Freya realized that Killian was her soulmate and that Dash just wasn't the one for her. So she ended it with Dash and chose Killian at the end of Season 1.

Specific Relationships

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