Dash and Freya at their engagement party.

Pilot - Dash is first seen at his and Freya's engagement party greeting guest. He and Freya then go outside of Fair Haven where they are sitting on a bench over looking the sea and moon. Penelope Dash's mother then interrupts them and takes Freya for a walk. While Penelope and Freya are having a conversation Penelope insults Freya and in return Freya made Penelope choke on a kish Dash then takes her away. Dash then sees Joanna who is Freya's mother looking at a painting of Archibald Browning. He then joins her and they start to talk about the architecture of Fair Haven and how Archibald was into weird stuff. Dash then rejoins with Freya but Freya is not feeling great just then Killian who is Dash's brother surprises him after not seeing each other five years. The next day Freya and Dash are then seen at Fair Haven where they are having coitus. Freya is a little upset that Dash has to leave for Europe but he promises her that they will travel after they are married. While Joanna and Wendy are trying to figure out who The Shifter is Joanna reveals that she tested Dash to see if he was a witch by cutting and taking his blood and plucking one of his hair but the test came back negative.


Dash telling Freya why he loves her.

Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P. - At The Bent Elbow Dash comes to see Freya but finds Killian instead. Dash and Killian then start to play pool Dash ask Killian we he is here in East End and if he wants something from Dash but Killian says no. Dash then wins their game and Killian walks out. He then ask a passing waitress where Freya is but she says she hasn't seen her. Dash finds Freya in the middle of a fire in the bathroom and rescues her Freya wakes up and tells Dash about a dream that she had about a man trying to kill her. Freya tells Dash that she was playing darts with Killian then she went to the bathroom and must of passed out he tells her and he is glad that she is okay and kisses her. After Freya had went home with Wendy and Ingrid Dash went visit to Killian on his boat to try and pay him off to get out of town. Killian refuses to take Dash's money and says that he has decided to stay in East End for a while. Dash tells Killian that "There was a time that I would lay down my life for you, now that I see you it's all I can do not to rip you apart with my bare hands". Killian however says that he feels the same way and Dash leaves. The next morning Wendy, Joanna, Ingrid and Freya come home tired and covered in dirt and sees Dash on the porch. Freya takes Dash inside, Dash is trying to get Freya to tell him what had happened Freya ask Dash would he love her even if he found out she was a freak and Dash tells her that he loves her because she is a freak. Dash sees a bruise on Freya's neck and gets up to get ice but pulls him back she asks him "You don't run away from problems do you, you run towards them, and fix them". Dash reply "Of course that's what you do for the people you love" the two then start to kiss.


Dash telling Killian he will not win Freya.

Today I Am A Witch - At Fair Haven Freya is having a dream about her and Killian making out when Dash walks in and catches the two but she then wakes up. Dash and Freya are having sex. When they were finished Freya had to get back to her family because she felt like they needed her. They then changed the subject and Freya told Dash that Killian got a job at The Bent Elbow Dash was upset and Freya asked why he hated him so much Dash then revealed the reason why he hates Killian is because Dash was engaged before to a women named Elyse but Killian slept with her three months before their wedding and last was the last he saw of his brother until now. Freya is upset that Dash didn't tell her about Elyse and leaves Fair Haven. At the Bent Elbow Dash waits outside for Killian when Killian finally comes out Dash then starts to walk after Killian. Dash tells Killian that he will not win this one, he promise,. Killian turns to Dash and says "You told Freya what happened five years ago but did you tell her the rest of the story?", Killian then leaves.


Dash pulls out the Ramus Mortium out of Maura's throat.

A Few Good Talisman - Freya is seen at the window at Fair Haven and Dash comes from behind and starts to kiss her indicating that they made up. Freya starts to ask about Elyse and if his mother liked her he told her not to worry that she doesn't compare to Freya. Freya is still a little hurt that he didn't tell her about that part of his life. They both decide no more secrets. While on her way out Freya sees Penelope looking at a picture of Dash and Killian when they were younger. Penelope then ask Freya to get Killian and Dash to come together and Freya trying to get Penelope to like her agrees. After Maura Thatcher is attacked by Wendy she is taken to the hospital where Dash is working. Dash takes a look into her throat and pulls out a Ramus Mortium and puts it into a glass jar. Freya cast a spell to get Killian and Dash to come together and have dinner with Penelope. Both Dash and Killian but Dash is beeped at the hospital and has to leave and Killian leaves because he has a date leaving Freya alone to have dinner with Penelope. Dash hears Freya playing to piano and goes over to join her she tells him that she had a nice dinner with his mother and that they connected a little bit. Dash tells her that he appreciate her trying to get him and Killian to dinner for his mother and that is proves how much she loves him.


Dash saving Killian's life.

Electric Avenue - Penelope and Freya are seen looking at a beautiful antique dress when Dash walks in. They both quickly hid the dress because it is bad to see the dress before the wedding. Penelope then says its better than what Elyse was going to wear at Dash's first wedding and walks out Dash soon after. At The Bent Elbow Freya realizes a woman is staring at Killian who then reveals that she is Dash's ex-fiancée Elyse who is suppose to be dead. Elyse is then revealed to be a ghost who was able to cross over because Ingrid summoned Adam's spirit and Elyse was able to piggy back. Later at the hospital Elyse goes to visit Dash and apologizes to him for having an affair with Killian but Dash however can not see or hear her. Freya then walks in and tells Dash that she knows Elyse is dead. He tells her that he just wanted to put her behind him and that he knew deep down that they weren't meant to be together and he was more hurt by what Killian did than her betrayal. Elyse who has heard everything tells Freya that he is not the one she came for. At the Bent Elbow Killian is attacked by Elyse and is rushed to the hospital. Killian's heart had stop but Dash was able to save him. Killian has woken with Penelope next to him and Killian tells thanks Dash for saving his life.


Dash and Amy examining the Ramus Mortium.

Potentia Noctis - At the pool room in Fair Haven Dash walks in to find Killian and Freya swimming to together and asks him to come back to the hospital around 1:00 for a check up. Things between Dash and Killian have also gotten much better. Later at the hospital Dash is giving Killian a check up after Killian's electrical shock. Dash's fellow co-worker Amy Matthews walks in and begins tells him about the mass that he found in Maura Thatchers throat. Amy sees Dash however still has a patient and Dash introduces Killian as his brother Amy surprised because she didn't know Dash had a brother. The two then begin to flirt until Dash sends Killian out because he still has work to do. When Killian leaves Dash is reading the test result of the mass and is astonished Amy then tells Dash the history of another sample of the mass in Louisiana. Freya walks in and sees the mass ask Dash what it is Dash tells Freya it is the specimen that he pulled out of Maura Thatchers throat the day she freak out on her family. Dash and Amy take a break for lunch and Freya steals the mass. Freya takes it to her aunt Wendy and it turns out it is Ramus Mortium you touch it you die but there is an antidote. At The Bent Elbow Freya, Dash, Amy and Killian are having drinks and Freya is secretly serving them the antidote to Dash and Amy telling them that they are celebrating. Dash tells Freya that he has never seen her so interested in his work and Freya becomes upset because she thought Dash didn't think she was interested in her work. Dash quickly apologizes and said it just came out wrong. Freya tells Dash that she wants to be apart of all of his life Dash asks Freya to marry him that weekend and Killian and Amy could be the witnesses and Freya say yes. The four of them return to Fair Haven and go for a swim in the pool and them went to explore the catacombs under it where Freya finds a wall of Ramus Mortium. When Dash and Freya return from the catacombs Freya is worried Dash told her about the first time he saw her that he knew he was going to marry her the two then kiss. After Freya had left Dash went back down to the catacombs and found the wall of Ramus Mortium. The next morning they both decided to wait because if their only going to do it once they should do it right.


Dash punching Killian after finding about Killian and Freya's kiss.

Unburied - Dash is woken up by Freya after she is having a "bad dream" but it was actually about her and Killian. Dash asks her what her dream was about Freya tells him that she doesn't remember. He then gets out of bed and gets ready to go to work. Later that day at an event at the library Dash offers Freya to go to London with him because he has a conference there. Freya so excited agrees to leave in a day and Dash offers to take her to Paris as well making her more ecstatic. Freya then goes to Killian and pulls him aside and tells him that she has a feeling that something bad is going to happen. Killian asked if it's about "us" but Freya tells him that there is not "us" and that it was a mistake to kiss him that night of her engagement party. Killian tells her to relax, it will all be fine and they both leave. Behind the bookcase Dash comes out and has heard everything that Killian and Freya was talking about and is very angry. Later at the bar Dash walks in and punches Killian and walks out and Freya goes after him leaving Killian on the floor. When they get to Fair Haven Freya walks in on Dash packing and says that he is leaving for London. Freya ask him what's wrong and why he punched Killian and he reveals that he heard her and Killian talking at the library. Freya tells him that it was a huge mistake, that it was in the past and it didn't mean anything and that he wasn't supposed to find out. She tells him that she loves him but he walks out with his suitcase and leaves for London alone.


Dash saving Freya's life.

Snake Eyes - After Dash has left for London without Freya she hasn't heard from him ever since. When working at The Bent Elbow Freya receives a dozen white roses who she believes is from Dash. When Freya picks up a rose and smells it a thorn pocks her and disappear in her skin. Later she became dizzy and tired but Penelope Gardiner took her back to Fair Haven. When Dash had arrived home from London he found Freya unconscious in his mothers arms and went to get his medical bag. Dash soon discover that Freya was in Anaphylactic Shock and gave to her a shot of Epinephrine. Freya awoken and she ask him how did he get back so fast Dash tells her that he didn't go to the conference while things weren't settled between them. Dash tells her that he was planning on telling her that he can't marry her but after seeing her on the floor about to die he realized that he didn't want to live in a world without her. Freya becomes very happy, Dash and Freya continue on their plans to get married. They then go to Dash's bed Freya asks Dash if he believes in fate he tells her not really and she replies she does she believe that some things are written in the star that some things are meant to be like them. The two kiss and Dash goes to take a shower.


Dash and Freya at their rehearsal dinner.

A Parching Imbued - Down at the catacombs of Fair Haven Dash has returned to examine the specimen that he found earlier but to his surprise it was all gone. However it felt a liquid metal that he took to examine instead and called Amy to meet him there at 3:00. Dash then leaves and takes Freya to the arch where they will be getting married. Freya confess's to Dash that she never wanted to get married because she thought that marriage was conventional, boring and normal and the end of adventure in any life until she meet Dash. She realized that marriage is more than a picnic fence and a mini van it's about sharing your life with someone you love. Dash says as someone who has been all around the world this is the adventure is is most looking forward to and Freya replies me too the two share a kiss under their wedding arch. Amy called Dash and told him that she went early to the catacombs. However when Dash went down Amy was no where to be found (because Penelope had killed her). Later at the Beauchamp Family Home Dash and Freya are having their rehearsal dinner where Penelope gave a beautiful toast about the Beauchamps and the Gardiners becoming one family. Dash goes outside and finds Freya who is sadden by her family drama and takes her to the beach. They sit under a large tree and begin to talk about their future together and what if they end up like Freya's parents, divorced. Dash tells her if there is a problem they can fix it, it's a choice to walk away and it him and Freya against the world. They share a kiss underneath the moonlight and look up at the stars.


Dash receiving his powers back after his mother's death.

Oh, What A World! - On the day of Dash and Freya's wedding Dash convinced Roger send Freya a text to get her to the bar. When Freya sees Dash she quickly covers his and hers eyes because she is superstitious and it is bad look to see the bride before the wedding. Dash gives her a gift a sapphire bracelet she could wear for the wedding it is something blue and something new. He tells her that he wants her to have the best and that he is so glad that she is his. Before the wedding after Freya has put on her wedding dress and speaking to her father Freya finds out that Dash is the trickster and that Killian is her soul-mate. She then goes to Dash and break-off the wedding Dash full of anger tells Freya to get out and that h never wants to see her again and breaks a lamp. Dash goes to the docks to confront Killian but he is stoped after his mother died and he receives his powers that if mother took from him while he was a baby. He reaches to Killian, Dash filled with anger let out a telekinetic blast that knocked Killian onto his boat unconscious. Dash then unties Killian's boat off of the docks and pushes it out to sea in an attempt to keep Killian and Freya apart.

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