Death Scorpion
Some attributes
First Seen Smells Like King Spirit
Last Seen Smells Like King Spirit

Death Scorpions are enchanted magical creatures unique to the witchery of the Beauchamp family.


Death Scorpions are the product of a spell created by Joanna and Wendy Beauchamp. Joanna has kept her creations deep within the trunk that also contained the Grimoire and other of the family's magical wares, should she ever find the need to utilize them. She kept them in a stasis and could revive them whenever she pleased. A single sting from the creature will induce temporary paralysis, one that lasts a considerable amount of time. A second sting will kill it's unfortunate victim.

Joanna used the Scorpions twice: to paralyze Frederick and to attack Tarkoff (albeit unsuccessfully). Frederick managed to find the Scorpion used on him and let it loose on Tarkoff. He let the creature sting Tarkoff once and then forced it down Tarkoff's throat, seemingly killing him.

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