Effects: To predict the future
Users: Joanna Beauchamp
Wendy Beauchamp
Freya Beauchamp
Ingrid Beauchamp

Divination is the practice of predicting the future through magical means. There are many methods to practice divination and predict the future like Palmistry, Tarot Cards, and Hydromancy.

Notable Examples 

Joanna Beauchamp

Wendy Beauchamp

1906 Freya Beauchamp

  • 1906 Freya read a woman's palm in the bar.


  • Alex read Freya's palm in the 70's.
  • Alex read Wendy's palm in the episode Boogie Knights

1848 Freya Beauchamp

1848 Ingrid Beauchamp

  • 1848 Ingrid used a crystal ball.

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