Dr. Foster
Dr. Frank Foster
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  • Unknown
  • Deceased
  • Dean of a History Department
  • Human
  • Male
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  • Unknown
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Dr. Frank Foster is a minor character in the beginning of Season 2 of Witches of East End.


Dr. Foster seems to be a man who is always on time and hates when others are late. He is a very intelligent man thus him having two PHD's in history and literature.

Season 2

A Moveable Beast - Dr. Foster was a Dean of a History Department who was searching for someone to curate their newly donated collection of historic documents. However they were only interviewing people with PHD's. Ingrid called the dean and told him the she had a PHD in history but that was not true. He is first seen in the library waiting on Ingrid who is running a bit late. When she apologizes for being that but her mother was sick but then revealed that his dog was euthanized but he still made it on time. He went over Ingrid's resume and and found out that she lied about having a PHD she only had a master's degree. Ingrid tried to convince him that she was better qualified than anyone else and tried to get him to read her dissertation but he refused and left. Later at the bar Ingrid and Freya with the help of Hudson cast a spell to get Ingrid the job and moments later she receive a call from Dr. Foster telling her she got the job.

The Son Also Rises - At the library Ingrid finds Dr. Foster sorting the materials which is what she is suppose to be doing at her new job. He then tells her that he was not the one that hired her but the head of his department called him and insisted on hiring her. So he is there to make sure nothing goes wrong because if it does then it will be on him. Dr. Foster then told Ingrid that he envied her because she worked in a public lilbrary where she has no stakes, pressure or people to impress. While Ingrid was reading a book on her family history Dr. Foster tried to get the book humidified but Ingrid wouldn't let him. Ingrid used her magic to make the book unable to move from the table making Dr. Foster angry. Later when Dr. Foster went to the 4th of July party he was taken into the woods by The Mandragora who cloaked himself. Dr. Foster then came out of the woods hysterical he ripped off his shirt and there was a symbol craved into his body. Soon later Dr. Foster died and his body was taken to the hospital.