Edgar Allan Poe
Biographical information
  • January 19, 1809
  • Deceased
  • Writer
  • Male
Family information
Family members
  • Henry † (older brother)
  • 1848 Freya Beauchamp † (former lover, soulmate)
  • Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe † (ex-wife)
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Edgar Allan Poe was a known writer and Freya's lover in 1848, as well as one of the past incarnations of Killian Gardiner.


Edgar met Freya at her family brothel, depressed at his brother's nascent death. Freya immediately cheered him up with a drink and a fortune-telling session that revealed his many untold secrets. They soon fell in love; Edgar eventually found out about Freya's family being witches and used them for inspiration in his work, creating several stories in history (The Black Cat was based on Wendy Beauchamp). When his inspiration finally ran out, Freya attempted a séance, hoping it would refresh him, which backfired and caused an evil spirit to possess Freya. By the time he informed her family, the situation had already turned so bad that Joanna had to kill her. According to history, Edgar passed away in mysterious condition in 1849—one year after Freya. In truth, he drank himself to death.

Known Incarnations


Season 2

  1. Poe Way Out
  2. Box to the Future
  3. For Whom the Spell Tolls


  • Freya mentioned that she almost failed sophomore English because of Edgar Allen Poe. (Poe Way Out)
  • The poem of "Annabel Lee" was published in 1849, the same year Edgar died.