Effects: Create, project, and manipulate the electricity.
Users: Ghosts

Electrokinesis is the ability to generate and manipulate electricity.


Electrokinesis is the ability to create and project electricity. This power is possessed by several magical beings Including Witches, Warlocks and GhostsWitches have the power of Atmokinesis, and Electrokinesis is a sub power of that power.

Dash Gardiner possesses this ability he is able to generate and manipulate Electricity from his hands. Dash can generate large amounts of Electricity which he can use to create fires, empower his strength, deflect objects (can be said to be Electro-Telekinesis), and ultimately Kill. The power comes from his rage, the angrier he becomes, the more powerful this ability becomes.

Notable Examples


  • This angry ghost was able to manipulate the electricity to attack Killian and Freya.

Dash Gardiner

  • Dash like his mother was able to pump a surge of electricity into the heart of a dying man but unfortunately the man however died.
  • Dash bludgeoned Kyle Hutton's car with his fists until it was set on fire. 
  • Dash blugeoned Kyle Hutton with his fists until he died. 
  • Dash electrocuted William Hutton and killed him. 
  • Dash used it while fighting with Killian Gardiner

Known Users


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