Energy Balls
Effects: To generate energy balls from your hands
Users: Mason Tarkoff
Joanna Beauchamp
King Nikolaus

Energy Balls are the power to generate balls of energy from the hands.


The power to generate and throw Energy Balls is an offensive power possessed by certain Witches & Warlocks. The user can form balls of energy, which resemble red, green or yellow electrical discharges, in their hand, and throw them at targets with varying levels of voltage. Energy Balls is a sub-power of Energy Beam.

Notable Users

Mason Tarkoff

  • Mason Tarkoff threw multiple energy balls at Frederick when he failed to bring him a host body for the king's spirit.

Joanna Beauchamp

  • Joanna used this power in 1845, when Tarkoff stole the Anima Aucupe from her.

King Nikolaus

  • King Nikolaus used this power to throw a ball of green energy to throw Dash onto a chair and to push Ingrid against the wall.


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