Energy Beams
Energy Beam
Effects: To emit beams of energy from the hand.
Users: Joanna Beauchamp
Mason Tarkoff

Energy Beam is the power to emit a strong beam of energy from the hand.


Joanna Beauchamp and Mason Tarkoff are the only know witch or warlock to posses this power. Users are able to generate a large amount of energy and beam at their victim. When the witch or warlock hits their target it will combust leaving nothing but dust. Energy Balls are a sub-power of this ability which instead of beaming it, it is in the shape of a ball.

Notable Examples

Joanna Beauchamp

  • Joanna was able to emit a blue ray of energy at Taroff in an attempt to poison him with the Death Scorpion.

Mason Tarkoff

  • When Joanna tried to poison Mason with the Death Scorpion Taroff was able to stop it by emitting a red ray of energy thus destroying it.

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