Energy Tailsman
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First Seen Today I Am A Witch
Last Seen Box to the Future

An Energy Talisman is a magical doll which has the ability to suck away the powers of a Witch or Warlock.


These Talismans are usually made from twigs. They are wrapped entirely in the victims own hair, this bonds the doll with the victim's energy and gives it power against them. The dolls have the ability to drain a Witch's powers or suppress them. Breaking the doll is the only way to destroy its power.


Vidar, an enemy of the Beauchamps, created this doll out of Joanna's hair in order to weaken her. After assuming the identity of Principal Redmond, he trapped her inside the house and aimed it at her, causing Joanna to collapse and experience intense pain. This rendered her powerless and allowed him to attack her, burning her ear with a firepoker as revenge for her cutting his ear off in the 1600's.  The doll was eventually destroyed by Harrison who threw it into the fireplace, causing it to explode. This released Joanna's powers and she was able to heal herself and vanquish him for good.

Tarkoff also created an energy Talisman made out of Joanna's hair to weaken her.  After she turned down his offer to work together to kill the King, he aimed the doll at her which knocked her unconcious and allowed him to kidnap her. Wendy destroyed the Talisman by blasting it with her Pyrokinesis.