A Moveable Beast - Eva is seen near the end of the episode and it is revealed that she found Killian and nursed him back to health, however it is also seen that she has a tatoo of an owl, which Wendy described as both a protector and predator during her tarot reading with Freya about Killian.

The Son Also Rises - After Killian unleashes his powers on a man, Killian returns home and asks Eva why the man called him a "Brujo". Eva explains that the word means Witch, she reveals that her grandmother was also a Brujo, a Witch connected to the spirit realm. Eva assists Killian in performing a spell to identify whether he is a Brujo. Together they perform the spell and it confirms Killians magical identity. They sleep together after she claims that they were meant to be together. Later in the episode, Frederick and Freya perform an Astral projection spell to locate Killian, when they open the door to his apartment they are attack by Eva's spirit animal, the Owl.

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