Frederick and Freya
Freya and Frederick
Nicknames Fredreya
Status Fraternal Twins; Separated (He is deceased)
First met At Birth (She met him centuries later being she has been reborn countless times)
Intimacy level Close twin siblings, They immediately became close once she met him, He is very protective and possessive of her, She found out that he betrayed the Beauchamp Family but ultimately forgave him .
Portrayed by Christian Cooke and Jenna Dewan-Tatum

This is the relationship between Frederick Beauchamp and Freya Beauchamp. Freya is Frederick's younger twin sister. They have a very close bond emotionally and magically. When Freya first meets Ivar and Isis (twins), who used to be friends with Freya and Frederick in Asgard, it is revealed that Freya may have known how sinister Frederick was. It is also possibly implied that Frederick may have thought Freya was to be his, as Ivar and Isis (who commit "twincest") may have fueled his desires for Freya and to let out all his rage and sinister ways against people.

Early Life

Before Freya was cursed along with the rest of her family (except Frederick), she seemed to have a close sibling relationship with Frederick, her fraternal twin brother. She used to hang out with him when she used to live in Asgard with her family. Until her grandfather, King Nikolaus, became corrupted by the Serpens Clavem and ruled Asgard with an iron fist. Freya, along with the rest of her family (except Frederick), tried to rebel against her grandfather, the King, but failed to and was banished from Asgard. Freya currently lives with a curse to always be reborn, along with her sister Ingrid Beauchamp, whenever she dies. Frederick escapes this punishment being he was the one to sell out his family all those centuries ago, but he claims that he spent a century in prison from the King, his grandfather.

Season 2

Frederick at the beginning of this season comes through the portal from Asgard in order to escape his evil grandfather, the King Nikolaus. After he visits and reconciles with his mother, he reintroduces himself to Freya and she immediately feels close to him again. However, she finds out that they used to be wild children in Asgard, including their old "friends" Ivar Zurka and Isis Zurka. Freya begins to mistrust him, until he apologizes. She then forgives him. Later in the season, she finds out that he was working for her grandfather and is very upset with her twin brother. Frederick, however, is heartbroken when he finds out that Mason Tarkoff killed Ingrid and Freya, and later betrays their grandfather to protect them.

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