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Freya Eilif Beauchamp
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Centuries ago

  • Princess of Asgard (formerly)
  • Female
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Significant spells
  • To astral project with Frederick
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Freya Beauchamp (Asgardian) is the original incarnation of Freya. The witch was cursed with a form of reincarnation, where she is destined to live countless tragic lives, by her grandfather the king of Asgard. She is the daughter of Joanna and Victor, twin sister of Frederick, younger sister of Ingrid, and niece of Wendy.


Freya was born in a realm called Asgard centuries ago and was a member of the royal family, even considered a princess in Asgard. During sometime in her life, her grandfather, King Nikolaus became corrupted and terrorized the world; a war was in turn raised in Asgard where Ingrid and the rest of her family rebelled against him. They ultimately lost, and they were all forced to flee to the mortal world. Her grandfather caught up to them and cursed her and Ingrid to forever be reborn through her mother and never live past the age of 30.

She and her sister had since died and reborn countless times over the centuries, and in turn lost the memories of her previous lives.


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