Effects: To manipulate the earth
Users: Freya Beauchamp

Geokinesis is the ability to manipulate all of earth's resources such as rocks, sand, dirt and etc.


Geokinesis, allows one to move rocks, sand or dirt around ones environment. When using this power a witch can manipulate this into any form they desire.

Notable Uses

Past Freya Beauchamp

  • Young Freya, moving sand at the beach.

Jo Noble

  • The demigoddess daughter of Ingrid Beauchamp and Matt Noble is able to manipulate sand, she can bend it to create smalls constructions made of it; in Triple Moon, she created a sand castle by only making gestures with her hands.

Freddie Beauchamp (Book)

  • Freddie has said that he can manipulate flowers and fertilize arid lands.

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