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A Ghost is the essence or "soul" of a deceased person. When a person dies they become a Spirit and cross over to the Spirit world. Ghosts are very rare beings in the mortal realm as most cross over when they die, they cannot cross back over when they die, they need someone to open the doorway between the worlds for them.

Ghosts can only be conjured by witches and once conjured they cannot be conjured again even when they have crossed back over to the Spirit world. When a Ghost is conjured by a Witch the ghost will become a concious apparation made of pure energy, able to touch and communicate like a normal person, however they can only interact with Witches, mortals cannot interact with them.  When a ghost looks upon it's reflection for the first time it will see a physical manifestion of it's death, this is a normal process and is required in order for the Ghost to process his/her reality. 

Mortals cannot see ghosts nor can they communicate with them, only a Witch has the ability to interact with a ghost. Witches cannot force a ghost to move on, the ghost has to choose to go on their own. However Witches can assist them in crossing over. When a ghost is conjured it has till Sunrise after a full moon to cross over, otherwise it will remain trapped in the mortal realm for eternity.

Powers & Abilities

A Ghost cannot physically hurt anyone on their own, however they do possess the ability to manipulate electricity and electrical items such as computers, lights etc.


To help a ghost process their new reality

"Restituo perspicientia"

Crossing Over Spell

  • Perform in a Pentacle made of Rose petals with five white candles at each point.
  • Join hands whilst chanting: "Spiritus revertatur ad interitum. Spiritus, revertatur ad interitum".

Notable Ghosts 

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