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Helda is a character featured in the Witches of East End book series by Melissa de la Cruz.


Helda is described as an elderly woman with silver-hair. She is often dressed in black clothing and wears a hair bun. She is said to have a wrinkled face, thin lips and steely grey eyes, all of which compliment her steely gaze and tough personality. She is the queen of the Underworld.


Joanna Beauchamp

Both Joanna and Helda agreed to follow the Covenant of the dead in order to keep their warring at bay. They agreed to the Covenant in hopes that it would stop them from interfering with each other's work. Despite the Covenant, the pair often challenge each other. Joanna appears not to care much for her sister and does her best to avoid her.

Ingrid & Freya Beauchamp

Helda seems to have some affection for her nieces. When Mimi revealed it was Ingrid who told her about the Orpheus Amendment, Helda displayed some surprise, thinking Erda was much more intelligent than her sister and noting that Freya liked to bother her aunt.


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