Helena Beauchamp
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  • Centuries Ago
  • Alive
  • The Gatherer
  • Female
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Helena Beauchamp is a witch of the Beauchamp family. She is first mentioned in The Son Also Rises, when Ingrid found the book Occult History of Sorcery and discovers a chapter about her family, the Beauchamps. She rules over the Underworld and gathers the souls of the dead. 

Powers & Abilities

Basic Powers

Individual Powers

Gatherer's Powers


Helena Beauchamp is first seen in For Whom The Spell Tolls. After Wendy gives up her last life to bring
Tommy back to life, Wendy is seen waking up in The Lake of Fire within The Underworld

It is there that she is greeted by a robed figure. Wendy then recognizes her as Helena.


  • In a deleted scene from The Fall of the House of Beauchamp, it was revealed that Joanna and Wendy have another sister who lives in the Underworld. It is presumed that The Gatherer is their sister.
    • It was confirmed by executive producer, Maggie Friedman, that the Gatherer is in fact Joanna and Wendy's sister and that her name is Helena.
  • While torturing Wendy, King Nikolaus told her that, once dead, she would receive "her sister's punishment". It is assumed that Helena has the task to punish and gather souls from the underworld.
  • In Mirror Souls (Triple Moon) she is wrongly called Helda instead of Helena.


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