Illusion Manipulation
Power Information
  • To make something appear that is not really there

Illusion Manipulation is the power to make something appear that is not really there.


Witches and warlocks activate this power by waving of their hand. Wendy and Freya Beauchamp are the only witches shown to have this power.

Notable Examples

Wendy Beauchamp

  • Wendy used this power to show the starry night sky and to show Ingrid that magic is what you make of it.
  • Wendy used this power to make it look as if The Bent Elbow storage room was Bali.

Freya Beauchamp

  • Freya used this power to make an illusion of herself so Dash thought she was in front of him when she was really behind him, so then she could come up and stab him.

Mason Tarkoff

  • Tarkoff used this power to make Joanna think the room was her room back in the mortal world. 

Eva Gardiner

  • Eva used this power to hide her true form and make people think she was young.