Ingrid Beauchamp
Biographical information
  • Early 1980's-1983 (born after death) (Age 30+/400+/Older than Freya)
  • Alive (Resurrected)
  • Princess of Asgard (formerly)
  • Librarian/Curator (currently)
  • Female
Family information
Family members
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Putting a fertility seed in Barb's body
  • Resurrecting Wendy
  • Tried to avoid the repercussions of resurrecting Wendy
  • Helping Joanna, Wendy, and Freya cast a protection spell around them and the manor
  • Helping Adam proceed his new reality
  • Sending Adam back to the Other Side
  • Revealing and hiding the map of Asgard
  • Break a guy's fingers
  • Healing Mike
  • Helping Joanna and Wendy cast a spell to restore Freya's powers (failed)
  • Keeping Kyle's body hidden
  • Curing Killian
Significant kills
Killed by
Played by
First seen
Last seen
"I'm not as sweet as you think I am!"
— Ingrid to Mike [src]

Ingrid Beauchamp is one of the main characters of Witches of East End. She is the daughter of Joanna Beauchamp and Victor Beauchamp, niece of Wendy Beauchamp and Helena Beauchamp, and older sister of Freya and Frederick Beauchamp.


Ingrid is the more mild-mannered daughter of Joanna Beauchamp who has been working as a librarian for East End Public Library and has now been given the task of curating a local university's newly-donated collection of historic documents relating to witchcraft in Southern New England from the 1650's to the present day.

She calls herself a "wallflower" and a "rational skeptic". She is described as thoughtful and cautious by her mother. Her aunt appreciates that Ingrid is reliable and always there for them, comparing her to an anchor. Though she pretty much lives up to these words, Ingrid is annoyed by it. She says that she can be fearless and bold, which she has done more than once, albeit with varying results. She almost died trying to reverse the curse upon her that came about after she resurrected Wendy with a spell she wrote herself.   

She has been interested in witchcraft since before the events of the series, using it as the subject of her doctorial dissertation and going out of her way to get a job much related to the craft that only PhD's can get. She never believed in witchcraft and only studied it, at first, until her mom revealed to her a big secret: she and her sister, Freya, are witches. She was reluctant to use her powers at first, having had to deal with tragedy early on since she came into them. But, she has grown more confident in using her powers and has since become very skilled in using them in such a short time.

However, Ingrid has shown a different side of herself since she and Dash began interacting with each other on a deeper level. Though she didn't want to reveal anything to Dash yet, Ingrid finally did so and promised to help Dash control his powers, something he gratefully agreed to. She went out of her way to help hide the body of a man that Dash killed to protect her and lied to Freya about all of it, something Ingrid wouldn't normally do.   


Early Life

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Asgardian Ingrid (Ingrid's first incarnations.)

Like her family, Ingrid was born in Asgard. When her grandfather King Nikolaus took the throne, she was made princess of the kingdom. In the first episode, it is found out that Ingrid and Freya are reincarnations of their previous lives. After being banished from Asgard, their mother Joanna was cursed to give birth to her girls and raise them until their untimely death before they could reach age 30 in a repeating cycle. One of Ingrid's earliest incarnations was during the 1600's, where she was burned at the stake by Witch Hunters alongside her sister Freya. Judging by Joanna's reaction to their deaths, this is assumed to be their first death.

Another one of Ingrid's incarnations occurred in the 1900's. Ingrid worked at the Beauchamp Apothecary alongside her Mother and Aunt whilst Freya was in San Francisco. The Apothecary is currently the site of the East End Public Library. whilst Freya was in San Fransisco. At some point around 1905, Ingrid began a secret relationship with a Witch named Archibald Browning. He was responsible for creating Fair Haven which he used to house his cult of Witches. The cult took part in blood filled orgies and at the time was surrounded by much fear from outsiders. Ingrid planned to run away and get married to Archibald but she was stopped by Wendy. Archibald then attacked Wendy and tried to get Ingrid to kill her aunt but she refused. Instead, Wendy used her powers to throw a metal ball at Archibald, however Ingrid jumped in the way to protect Archibald's daughter Athena. The ball hit Ingrid and knocked her off of the balcony inside the Apothecary, killing her instantly.

Throughout The Series






Love interests




Powers and Abilities

Ingrid is a witch whose powers come from her strength of mind. Like any other witch, she has the ability to move things with her mind, cast spells, and have limited control over the weather which so far has only been shown to be from the Beauchamp's.

Ingrid's first significant act of magic was a resurrection spell (a powerful piece of magic for a novice like Ingrid, at that point) that brought her aunt, Wendy, back to life after being stabbed to death by Penelope Gardiner. When Wendy first taught Ingrid how to use her power of telekinesis, Ingrid was able to empty the middle of a lake of fish with just her mind whilst Freya was unable to lift a rock out of the lake, showing her great potential despite being a relative novice.

Ingrid has a certain proficiency with healing spells, like her aunt Wendy. She can also defend herself if she has to, though she normally resorts to less damaging spells. She is not bad with potions as well, as she brewed a potion that she baked into brownies that allowed her to see what happened to her past life in the 1900's. She also knows enough to teach the Gardiner brothers how to reverse the spell that was killing Killian. 

Ingrid is the key to Asgard, as she is the only person with the ability to open the portal. According to the Occult History of Sorcery, Ingrid possesses four arcane abilities that are unique to her status as the Key, but these abilities are yet to be revealed.

In Ingrid's past life, she was skilled at writing spells. Wendy, her aunt, compared Ingrid writing a spell to Mozart composing a concierto. With practice, she will be able to write her own spells as she did in her past life. However, Wendy states that this will take years of practice.  She tried once, but it would've ended disastrously if not for Wendy's timely intervention.

Like the rest of the Beauchamp women, she was cursed upon being banished from Asgard by her grandfather. She was cursed with never being able to live past the age of 30 through horrible deaths, such as burning at the stake or falling victim to her aunt's spell and falling from a great height. However, she gets another chance at life every time she dies. This is because not too long after she dies, Joanna would end up being pregnant with Ingrid again.

Her grandfather stole her powers making her powerless, but she regained her powers back when they defeat the King.

Basic Powers

Individual Powers

Key's Powers

Known Past Lives


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Novel Counterpart

In the novel, [[Ingrid Beauchamp[book]|Ingrid]] is described as prim and having a rigid modeling-school posture. She is always appearing between her late twenties and early thirties and she also works in the local library. Of all the main characters, the two Ingrids are the most alike. However, Ingrid of the novels works on historical blueprints while Ingrid of the television series has been working on historical documents pertaining to witchcraft. Similarly, Ingrid of the television series makes mention of her affinity with witchcraft, using it as the topic for her doctorial dissertation, something the Ingrid of the novel series didn't even speak about. 


  • In A Few Good Talismen it is shown that Ingrid and Freya were burnt at the stake in 1693. According to the intense wrath of their mother Joanna, it could have either been their first death or one she couldn't have predicted.
  • In Electric Avenuea gravestone from one of her previous incarnations is shown - it states her lifetime from 1876 to 1906. The day she died, killed accidentally by Wendy, Freya died a few hours afterwards.
  • In A Parching Imbued, it was revealed that Ingrid is the second key to Asgard.

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