Freya and Ingrid

Ingrid and Freya at Freya's engagement party.

Pilot - Ingrid is shown going to the engagement party with Freya her sister. There she meets Adam, who secretly has a crush on her and she has a small crush on him. When roaming the halls of Fair Haven she came across a picture of her and an unknown women when she took the picture out to her surprise it then disintegrated in her hands. She tells him how she, learned cool stuff behind this house and how fascinating this house can be. Adam, invites her to dinner, in which she says yes too. Later hat day Ingrid's friend Barb who is having fertility problems suggest they do a fertility spell. After hours her, Barb and Hudson then try the spell at first it appears like nothing happened but after they left the pentacle that was used began to glow suggesting that the spell did work. The next morning tells the girls about their aunt Wendy Freya excited to meet her but Ingrid looks at her and releases that she is the women from the photo that disintegrated at Fair Haven and rushes out the house. At the East End Public Library Barb comes up to Ingrid and tells her that the fertility spell worked, that she dreamed Ingrid handing her, her baby, but Ingrid did not want to believe it. She then puts the piece's together and confronts her mother about being a witch. Shortly after, Adam has to cancel when he arrests Joanna

Ingrid Ressurection Spell

Ingrid using the resurrection spell to bring Wendy back from the dead.

Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P. - After Wendy dies, Joanna tells her, what's inside the cabinet. After finding the book, she thinks to herself that she can't possibly do this. Ingrid finds the resurrecting spell and soon after resurrects a dead Wendy. Wendy is mad, that Joanna didn't tell them, that they are witches, and what Ingrid was extremely bad. Telling her, that if she brings someone she loves back to life, someone she loves has to die also. After learning that Freya is still in the painting, they run to the bar to get her, not knowing that she escaped. When they get to the bathroom, Wendy tell Ingrid she feels queasy runs into a nearby stall, only to turn into a cat, which leaves Ingrid alone. When Freya walks in, she finds them doing the spell, Ingrid forgets to stop the spell and Doug comes out into the painting. Shortly after, They get into the car and Ingrid starts explaining what happened, when Wendy turns back into a human. She then gets a text message from an unknown guy to go to Aunt Marilyn's grave. Wendy finds out, that the grave isn't someone, that the grave has ten grand, and that they need to use that to bail out Joanna. After they bail out Joanna they then return to their home and Joanna explains everything to them. Freya is upset and leave and Wendy, Ingrid and Joanna then go to The Bent Elbow to check to see if Doug was still in the painting. They then return home and Ingrid then comes through the door and pulls Freya up before she dies while Joanna and Wendy put Doug back into the painting. Ingrid is then seen burying the painting that Doug is trapped inside with Freya, Wendy and Joanna and then return to their home. Outside a Shifter puts a curse on the tree on the lawn of their home.

Episode 3 photo

Wendy teaching Ingrid and Freya how to use their magic.

Today I Am A Witch - In the morning Joanna seen the curse mark that was put on the tree. While after the incident, Wendy decides to teach the girls how to use their magic properly. Wendy tells Ingrid, that her power comes from her knowledge and that she used to be able to create spells. Meanwhile Ingrid tries to telekinetic-ally raise a rock, when she ends up raising a bunch of fish and hurtle them towards Freya and Wendy. At the Library Ingrid is researching spells until Adam arrives and asks to take her out on a date, she hesitates but Adam tells her that he is off the case due to their history. Ingrid then agrees to go on a date with him and they both head to The Bent Elbow. She wants to re-write a spell, that will cancel the resurrection spell, but when Wendy tells her no, Ingrid still goes to the Library to do so. At the Library Ingrid sits in a circle of candles, she finishes tweaking the spell and begins to chant it, her hands then begin to freeze and she screams in pain, falling to the floor. Wendy runs in and reverses the spell just in time. At the library, Wendy is healing a crying Ingrid, when Ingrid asks her why the spell didn't work. Wendy replies stating that it is destined to happen, and she can't change fate. Adam enters after he sees the lights on, and Wendy leaves. The two chat until they start to kiss, and then to make out. After, she leaves the library she heads home, once she gets there she enters Wendy's room and sees that Freya, Joanna and Wendy are already there. Joanna tells them that they are all in great danger, and she is okay with them doing magic. Ingrid due to the recent events tells her she is going to take a break from magic. Unfortunately, Joanna takes them outside, and they put a protection spell on the house, and the dead tree comes back to life.

Adam Dies

Ingrid in the rain as Adam dies use to the resurrection spell.

A Few Good Talisman - In the morning Joanna is telling the girls a story about the Salem Witch Trials and how she cut off the ear of the man that let them die. Joanna then tells the girls them that they can use their magic but only in an emergency Wendy then says "and for fun sometimes" and makes it snow. At the Libary Barb comes up to Ingrid and ask her to be the Godmother of her and Bob's baby even though it's early. Ingrid is then seen at the Bar with Freya, Freya then suggest that Ingrid loves Adam, Ingrid shocked releases that he might have to die cause of the resurrection spell. Adam then takes her to a candle dinner in the library but then runs away because she does not want him to get hurt due to the resurrection spell and leaves Adam devastated. Ingrid and Barb are walking down the street and suddenly Barb has complications with the baby and is rushed to the hospital. Ingrid is then joined at the waiting room of the hospital with Hudson who then comforts her. She then goes outside of the Hospital in the rain and is joined with Adam who is trying to comfort her. When hugging she sees blood dripping from his nose and Adam then starts to die due to the resurrection spell.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Adam Kissing Ingrid

Adam kissing Ingrid good-bye.

Electric Avenue - The day of Adam's funeral Wendy goes to Ingrid's room and try to convince her to go but she says that she doesn't want to play the grieving widow. When the door is closed it is revealed that Ingrid summoned Adam's spirit back and they are happy together. Adam then tried to leave to go to work and Ingrid reveals to him the truth that he is dead he doesn't believe her at first but then he remembers his death. His nose starts to bleed but she then heals she then reveals to him that she is a witch, Adam shocked storms out. Ingrid finds Adam at his own funeral and tells her he tried to talk to them but they couldn't hear or see him. Ingrid then explains to him that she is the only one that can see him because she isn't normal and that he is pure energy and that's why they get a shock every time they touch each other, the two then kiss in love. Freya then tells Wendy that Dash's ex-fiancée is haunting her. Wendy then thinks because ghost can not come back willingly she then releases the reason Ingrid is not in mourning because she summoned Adam's spirit back. Wendy then confronts them and tells Ingrid that he need to go back on the other side before the full moon or he is stuck there forever, but Ingrid already knew that. Then Wendy tells Ingrid that she will change and he won't and makes Ingrid rethink her decision. Ingrid then confess to Adam that he died because of her but surprisingly Adam forgives her. At the cemetery Ingrid starts to send Adam back to the other side he ask her if he could come back whenever she wanted him to but he only gets one chance. Adam has almost pass away but then gives Ingrid one last kiss as he passes to the afterlife.

Ingrid Dies In Past Life

Ingrid dying in 1906 after being thrown off the stair case.

Potentia Noctis - At the Library Ingrid is joined with Penelope Gardiner, Dash's mother and Freya's ex-mother-in-law. She reveals a photo that was found in Fair Haven with one of Ingrid's incarnations hugging a young girl. Ingrid is surprised by how much the woman looks like her, Penelope then suggest that she must be a relative and Ingrid agrees even though she known that the woman was her in a past life. She then later shows the picture to Joanna and Wendy, they both tell her that she has nothing to worry about, that Penelope can not figure out that it was her in her past life. She ask them if she knew Archibald Browning and who was the little girl she was with but Joanna and Wendy do not respond. She then storms out looking for answers. Ingrid then creates a spell and cook it into a brownie that make her seem as if she were high. She then falls asleep and relives her past, she discovers that she was in a secret cult with Archibald and was his fiancée. Joanna, Wendy and Ingrid are then seen in the East End Public Library which they used to own, sell herbs and heal the sick. Archibald then walks in and ask for Fever Fox but Joanna and Wendy refuse to sell him it. Archibald then redirects to Ingrid and tells her it's nice to see her again Wendy then sees that something is going on with them. At Fair Haven Archibald is seen reading a story to his daughter Athena Ingrid then comes in and Athena is very happy to see her. Ingrid brings the herb and then Archibald and Ingrid then preform a spell on an elderly women named Elizabeth to make her younger and it works. Later Elizabeth became unstable and died possibly because she was not a witch, her brother an elderly man as well comes looking for her but Archibald snaps his neck disappointed that Ingrid would not do it. Ingrid is then seen in a wedding dress packing to run away and marry Archibald but is stopped by Wendy. Archibald and Athena appear waiting for Ingrid, Archibald then knocks out Wendy and telekinetic-ally holds Wendy and try to convince Ingrid to kill her but Ingrid refuses. Wendy then wakes up a create a Metal Ball and aims it for Athena but was possibly trying to aim for Arichbald but still woozy. Wendy launches the metal ball but Ingrid jumps in front of it knocking her over the stairwell then dies. Ingrid wakes up in her bed the spell she had cast over and starts screaming, Joanna then comes in and ask her what's wrong and she repiled "Wendy killed me.". Joanna then explains to Ingrid everything and Freya walks in telling then that there is a whole wall of Ramous Mortioum in the catacombs of Fair Haven.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Mike Saves Ingrid

Mike saving Ingrid from George.

Unburied - The episode begins with Wendy tied down in a chair around a circle that blocks her powers while an someone is circling around her. The person turns out to be Ingrid who then cast a spell reaches into Wendy chest and kills her. 24 hours earlier Ingrid comes down the stairs happy and sees her sister Freya in the Grimoire who reveals that she is having dreams about Killian. Ingrid then helps her find the correct spell. Wendy then comes into the kitchen tells Ingrid hello but she runs upstairs because she knowns that Wendy killed her in a past life. She is then seen at work with her friend Hudson who begin to talk about her. A man then comes to her and tells her to bring some books to him she tells him it will take a while he reply "Just make it sooner better than later". Ingrid not liking the tone of his voice confronts him and they get into an argument but then is taken away by Hudson. She is then seen at home looking at pictures of her past lives, she figures out that her and Freya always die young around their age now. She confronts her mother and she confesses Joanna tried to tell her that her and her past lives are different but Ingrid then walks away. At the cemetery The Shapeshifter is at the grave of 1906 Ingrid Beauchamp, bring her back from the dead but she looks decomposed so she gives her an herb to help her look normal. Joanna and Wendy are in the garden and Joanna reveals that Ingrid known she killed her. At the Library where an event is taken place Ingrid is greeting guest she then sees books on the ground and fixes them on the self. She is then cornered by a man named George who ask her out but she declines she then grabs her but she whispers a spell and break his fingers then Mike comes in and rescue her. 1906 Ingrid tricks Wendy into leaving with her, but captures her and tortures her for revenge and the Serpent Clavem. Normal Ingrid greets the man who helped her with George and thanks him he tells her his name is Mike and she gives him her name Barb then calls her and Ingrid leaves. Joanna finds out that Wendy has gone missing and uses a location spell that leads her to Wendy who was killed by 1906 Ingrid again, Joanna then kills 1906 Ingrid because she is already dead. Wendy is then resurrected and is surrounded by Freya, Joanna and Ingrid, Freya and Joanna walk out of the room but Wendy stops Ingrid and ask her if they are okay because their even now Ingrid tells her yes.

Ingrid Map To Asgard

Ingrid looking at the map to Asgard.

Snake Eyes - Ingrid is first seen in The Bent Elbow with Freya discussing her, Killian and Dash. Freya then gives a troubled couple a spell bound drink to make them fall in love again. Ingrid then goes to work at the library and Barb tells her that Mike is there for her. Who needs her help with finding out about the historical fiction of East End. Mike then comes over to Ingrid asking for books about witches and occult in Fair Haven. Barb then comes over and tells Mike about her dissertation about the Occult and tells Mike about the fertility spell Ingrid perform on her. Mike is still reading on the fictional history about witches in East End when Ingrid comes over and shows Mike that she found a book that he wrote and asked him to sign it for her, which he does. He thanks her for helping him and ask to see her dissertation but she tells him that she never finished it. He realized that a dissertation on witches was kind of ridiculous and that she doesn't believe in witches. Mike tells her that she probably shouldn't read his next book because it's about witches. She tells him although she does like science fiction, Mike tells her that his book is not science fiction because he believes that witches exist. He tells her that he believe that witches came from another world called Asgard but Ingrid plays like she doesn't believe him and tried to change his mind. Mike then tells Ingrid about his father an architect who spent his entire adult life trying to prove that Asgard exist. People thought he was insane and eventually that's what he became he died a couple of years ago but before he died he shared his work with Mike. Mike looked over his fathers work and saw that it all made sense and that he believe's that the way to Asgard is in East End. He then shows her a faded map his father found of a map of Asgard and sees a symbol that Mike could not figure out. When Mike leaves to get a book Ingrid cast a spell on the map and sees that it is a map of Asgard and then undone the spell to hide the details of the map. Mike and Ingrid then leave the library and confronts her mother and aunt Wendy about Asgard and Mike they then admit that Asgard is real but the key is destroyed.                                                                                                                                                     

Ingrid and Victor

Ingrid seeing her father for the first time.

A Parching Imbued - Joanna, Wendy, Ingrid and Freya are then seen on the beach trying to find out what has happened to Freya's powers, unknown that Penelope is watching them. Ingrid then comes to the bar where Freya is working with her wedding dress and they both go down to the basement and Freya tried on it on and Ingrid compliments her. Ingrid and Freya are discussing her powers when Killian walks in and is stunned by Freya, Ingrid then leaves to let Freya and Killian talk. At the library Ingrid is staking books when Mike comes in and shows her the last diary his father was writing before he died and at the back was repeatedly "A Parching Imbued". Mike ask her to help him and make history she answer him "Why me?", Mike then replies "Because your a witch.". Still in shock Ingrid finally gets a grip on herself, try to convince Mike he is wrong but he told her about the charity event when a man George tried to assault her she said some words in Latin and his fingers broke. She then tells him that she is not a witch and goes back to work. Ingrid is closing up when Mike corners her who tried to get her to admit to being a witch and tells her that "A Parching Imbued" rearranged is "Ingrid Beauchamp" but she keeps denying it, in a desperate attempt he stabs himself in the legs to get Ingrid to heal him and she does. Ingrid then goes to the bar and joins her sister she tried to tell her about Mike but Freya cuts her off and says that she meet their father but Ingrid doesn't want to known him. Her and Freya then leave to go to Freya's rehearsal dinner then Victor their father shows up. He tried to talk to her but she walks away. In their garden at their oame Ingrid is picking a bush when she is cornered by Mike. He tells her that she is the second key to Asgard, that he knows where the portal to Asgard is and that she is going to help him open it.

Ingrid, Joanna and Wendy

Ingrid, Joanna and Wendy watch someone come out of the portal to Asgard.

Oh, What A World! - Ingrid is first seen where she was in the last episode talking to Mike. He is trying to convince her to open the portal to Asgard, but she tells him that she won't. The next morning Ingrid goes to Mike's hotel room and steal all of his research to keep him away from Asgard but it caught by him. He then attempted to attack her but she used a quick spell to stop him and leave. Ingrid enters the room to find Freya and Victor was having a conversation, Victor then leaves. Ingrid talks to Freya about how much she is going to miss her after she is married to Dash and moves to Fair Haven even though it's going to be a mile away. Victor returns when Ingrid ask her to talk but tells him that it is not a father-daughter talk. She asks him about Asgard, he tells her that there was a war and their side lost, known of them wanted to leave and there are still some they left behind. In the motel Mike is putting on a suit and loading a gun while singing "Here Comes The Bride". Freya, Ingrid, Joanna and Wendy are then seen with Freya getting ready from her wedding and the burn some sage together. Mike is drinking champagne then goes and holds a gun to Ingrid's back taking her to Fair Haven's catacomb. In the catacombs of Fair Haven Ingrid tells Mike all she has to do is one spell and then Mike shoots her in the shoulder. They are at the locked door to Asgard that looks like a plain wall but Ingrid dose not know how to open it. She then puts both her hands on the wall and it begins to rumble and the cement starts to crack letting out light and breaks open. Joanna and Wendy arrive and pull Ingrid from the wall, the portal to Asgard is open and an unknown person starts to come out.