Ingrid and Freya
WOEE 102 08062013 SB 0270
Nicknames Fringrid
Status Sisters
First met Before Pilot, when Freya was born
Intimacy level Close sisters, Love each other, Protective of one another, Like Best Friends, Both are witches, They have a little tense relationship right now being they both have/had feelings for Dash
Portrayed by Rachel Boston and Jenna Dewan-Tatum

This is the relationship between Ingrid Beauchamp and Freya Beauchamp. They both grew up together as close sisters. They always looked out for each other, especially after they learned that they were witches.

Season 1

Both Ingrid and Freya, along with the rest of the Beauchamp family members, struggled to find out who the Shapeshifter was. In the meantime, they both struggled to lead their lives normally by keeping their secret from every one they loved outside of the Beauchamp family. In the end of the season, they figure out who the Shapeshifter was (Penelope Gardiner).

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