Isis Zurka
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  • Centuries Ago
  • Alive
  • Female
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  • Explosion Triggering Spell
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Isis Zurka is the twin sister of Ivar and was banished from Asgard, along with her brother, for taking the blame for Frederick's mistakes.


Isis and Ivar were born in Asgard. They were twins, but had outrageous behavior and were known as troublemakers. They were in league with Frederick when he was an acting-out teen. At some point she began an incestuous affair with her brother. When the two were caught, they were banished from Asgard.

They then spent the past centuries around the Earth trying to find the portal back to their own realm.

Season 2

Ivar and Isis discovered the portal in East End and wanted to use it to go back home. They kidnapped Victor Beauchamp and tormented him to extract the truth, though his lips remained sealed. Isis located Wendy Beauchamp at her date. When they learned that Frederick was in town, they plotted to kidnap his twin, Freya, to get the Serpens Clavem- the portal key, but their plan was interrupted by Joanna's interference and Ivar's death. Isis, however, escaped with her life, but not before activating an explosive spell that wound up killing Victor. Isis appears to take a sexual interest in both Freya and Frederick, even going as far as asking Freya to join her and Ivar in a threesome. Freya rejects her, but it does not stop Isis from straddling Freya on a chair while smelling, nipping, and telling Freya how sadistic Frederick is. She was last seen escaping through a sewer pipe as a rat.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers

Individual Powers



  • Isis was her own twin's, Ivar Zurka, lover.
  • Isis was friends with Frederick and Freya back in Asgard until she was kicked out, along with her twin lover, for committing "twincest".

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