Joanna and Wendy.1

Joanna meeting her sister Wendy after a century.

Pilot - Joanna a beautiful single mother is first seen at the Beauchamp Family Home waiting for Freya and Ingrid to go to Freya's engagement party. She hugs Freya because she is both sad and happy she is getting married. At Fair Haven where the engagement party is being held Joanna and Dash have a conversation about Archibald Browning and him and Freya. The next morning Ingrid and Joanna are having breakfast when Ingrid begins to talk about the death of Bill Thatcher and the attempt murder of Maura Thatcher. Freya walks in the mug she was holding explodes in her hands Joanna tells her that she is just clumsy and cleans up the mess. Joanna says that Freya seems nervous and that she is probably having second thoughts about getting married but Freya tells her that she is in love with him. Joanna then leaves for work when a person known as The Shifter goes into her home. Joanna however comes back home because she forgot her purse but The Shifter however escaped through the window without being seen. After Joanna came home from work she is surprised to see her sister Wendy on the front porch. Joanna and Wendy however do not get along until Wendy then tells her that Joanna’s life is endangered. She then invites Wendy inside Joanna wants to talk about how her life is endangered Wendy then tells her that they will need Freya and Ingrid's help but Joanna reveals that they do not know that they are witches. She tells Wendy that she has gotten sick and tired of watching them dying over and over again but Wendy tells her that sooner or later the truth will come out. Wendy then used Tarot Cards to show her that her life is endangered. Joanna then tells her daughters about their aunt Wendy when Wendy comes back in she instantly gets along with Freya but when Ingrid sees her she realized that she is the woman in the photo that vanished in her hands. Wendy, Freya and Joanna then go to the farmers market where Wendy reveals that she can read aura's like Freya. At home Wendy is making a stew to find out who the The Shapeshifter is. The Shifter disguised as Joanna comes in and stabs her. While Wendy is lying on the floor dying Joanna walks in, Wendy then tells her that an old lover of Freya is back for revenge as she dies on the floor and goes into her cat form to be resurrected again. Ingrid walks in and sees her dead aunt and Joanna then tells her that they are witches and that they have to go and save Freya. However Joanna gets arrested by Adam for the murder of Bill Thatcher and the attempted murder of Maura Thatcher.

Burying Doug.3

Joanna, Wendy, Freya and Ingrid burying Doug.

Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P. - After Joanna is arrested Adam takes her to the station where he begins interrogates her. He tells her what Maura told him and shows her a drawing of the Malus Amplio and ask her if she recognizes it but she tells him no. She then ask Adam for a cigarette when Adam's back is turned she cast a spell with the cigarette to determine if Freya is still alive which she is. Joanna then says that she would like to call her lawyer. When her lawyer Harrison Welles arrive she tells him that someone is trying to kill her but it is difficult. Harrison then comes back and tells her that she is free but bail is a hundred thousand dollars. Joanna then writes a letter to Harrison to give to Ingrid to get her to money for bail. When Ingrid got the message it says that the money is with aunt Marilyn but Joanna told them that their aunt Marilyn is dead. Wendy then figures out that Joanna created a fake person to find her money in a coffin in a cemetery. When they open the coffin they are surprised to see stacks of money and begin to celebrate. When Joanna is freed she tells Ingrid and Freya that they must keep the secret of being witches to themselves. Freya becomes upset because Joanna lied to them and made her think that she was crazy and storms out of the house. When Freya had left they then realised that the painting that Doug was in was a little burned but not destroyed and that he escaped once and they weren't going to take any chances. Joanna, Wendy and Ingrid go to The Bent Elbow however they returned because they didn't find anything. When they got upstairs they found Freya being frozen underwater by Doug Ingrid however pulls her up and Wendy and Joanna seal Doug into another painting. Early the next morning Joanna, Wendy, Freya and Ingrid are burying the painting in the park because they do not kill. When they return home they see Dash on the front porch waiting for Freya. Late at night The Shifter returned and put a curse over the tree in their yard.

Penelope Attacking Joanna

Joanna being attacked by The Shifter/Penelope.

Today I Am A Witch - At the beginning of the episode Joanna has found a Malus Amplio on her dashboard and is then attacked by The Shifter who is using an Energy Talisman. However Joanna wakes up and it turns out to be just a dream. She then goes down stair and find Wendy, Freya and Ingrid and overhears Wendy and tells her that she does not want the girls doing magic. She tells them that she used a banishing spell to take care of The Shifter but she is lying and Wendy knows it. Joanna then destroys the Grimoire just in case. Joanna and Wendy then discover the curse that the Shifter has put on the tree. Wendy then tries to convince Joanna to let them practice their magic but Joanna tells her no. Wend says okay but lies and teaches the girl magic anyway. Later after everyone was out of the house Joanna uses a spell to restore the Grimoire. Joanna walks in her bedroom and sees the Malus Amplio on her dash board like in her dream. It turns out that Wendy had drawn it to try and jog some memories and has a list of Joanna's enemies but needs her help to finish it. They have a heart to heart moment there Wendy tells Joanna that she is trying to protect her family. Somewhere else The Shifter is making an energy talisman out of the hairs of Joanna. Later Joanna creates a list of her old enemies who might be The Shifter. After she is finished making her list Joanna heads into the kitchen where she is attacked by The Shapeshifter but she is saved when Freya walks in and telekinetic ally throws a knife at him/her. The Shifter however escapes using smoke teleportation. Joanna and Freya have a drink and she tells Freya that she lied about banishing The Shifter and that she will help her practice her magic. Joanna goes upstairs and tells Wendy about how Freya saved her from The Shifter and that she has a little problem with letting people help her. Joanna then tells her that they will both teach the girls to do magic. She then ask the girls for help and the four of them go outside and counter act the curse that The Shifter has out on the tree making it blooms.

Joanna in 1692

Joanna finds both Ingrid and Freya burned at the stake in 1692.

A Few Good Talisman - The episode starts in the 1692 during the Salem Witch Trials Joanna has run to find both her daughters have been burned alive. When she gets there she is confronted by a man named Vidar she then figures out that he turned them in and takes revenge. Instead of killing him however she instead cuts off his ear. Joanna has told her present daughters about it, she tells them that today they can use their magic as much as they want. The door bell rings and Joanna gets it and leaves with Harrison. They then pick up Richard Remand who has agreed to go to the courthouse with Joanna to plea on her behalf. The Beauchamps and Harrison go to have a celebration dinner at The Bent Elbow when Maura Thatcher comes in and starts accusing Joanna of murdering her husband. Wendy having enough of her accusation summons the Ramus Mortium into her throat and the Beauchamps leave. After they left Joanna and Harrison go to where Bill was kill and uses her power to channel the energy and gets a Premonition to find out who The Shifters next victim will be. The Shifters next victim is revealed to be Principal Remand, Joanna and Harrison hurry over to his house to protect him. They have dinner where Joanna thanks him for plea for her. While snooping around Harrison finds The Shifters lure and is attacked by him/her. It is revealed that The Shifter is Vidar and uses the energy talisman to weaken Joanna. Harrison has waken up and destroys the talisman and Joanna then knocks The Shifter down and stabs him with the fire poker. Vidar however reveals that he is not the one that framed her and that there is still another Shifter but he refuses to tell Joanna who it is. Vidar dies and Harrison comes to her and comforts her.

Joanna and Wendy visiting Maura

Joanna and Wendy visiting Maura in the mental institution.

Electric Avenue - Joanna is first seen in the backyard of the Beauchamp house drawing a flower when Harrison arrives. He then takes her down to the courthouse again for her being accused of murder. At the courthouse Maura is trying to tell the judge what happened the night of her husband's death but she has begins to have memory lost. She then begins to pour a glass of water of breaks it after imagining that it was worms in the glass. Due to Maura not being able to tell the judge what had happen the judge lets Joanna go as a free woman. Joanna thinks that it is odd that Maura forgets every thing and tries to talk to Harrison about it but he takes her away to celebrate with champagne. Harrison, Joanna and Wendy celebrate with champagne and Joanna ask Wendy if she cast a spell on Maura. Wendy tells her no but both Joanna and Harrison do not believe her. Joanna goes over to Harrison's place where they sleep together. She tells Harrison that she needs to be there for Ingrid and that she needs to run a few errand and leaves and Harrison becomes upset. While walking home Joanna sees Maura who is having a break down. Maura imagines that bugs are all over her body and she is trying to get them off when Joanna arrives. Joanna then goes home and confronts Wendy about what she did to Maura. Wendy tells her that she saw a problem and she took care of it but Joanna tells her that they shouldn't abuse her powers. Wendy tells Joanna that she needs to get off of her high-horse because she had just kill Vidar and Wendy storms off. Later that night Joanna stays up waiting for Wendy. When Wendy arrives Joanna apologizes to her and tells Wendy that she slept with Harrison. Wendy then ask Joanna to help her make things right with Maura but Joanna tells her that she can't but she can help make it a little better. In the kitchen Joanna confronts Ingrid because she knows that Inrgid brought [[Adam Noble|Adam's spirit back. She tells Ingrid that she needs to do the right things and that is exactly what Ingrid does. Later that night Maura is seen picking flowers from a bush with her husband Bill when Joanna and Wendy come and greet then. It turns out that Joanna and Wendy cast a spell over her to take her to a dream world and leaves she however is in a mental institution.

Joanna in 1906

Joanna in 1906.

Potentia Noctis - In the morning Joanna is talking to Wendy about a photo that Penelope gave to her with one of Ingrid's past life hugging a little girl. Joanna tells Ingrid not to worry because no one is going to discover the truth about them just by looking at that picture. Ingrid begins to ask about her past life but Joanna and Wendy do not want to tell her. Ingrid had cast a spell to mentally take her back to 1906. In 1906 Joanna, Wendy and Ingrid own a building named The Beauchamp Apothecary which is now the East End Public Library. In their store they help people and healed them as well. Archibald Browning walks in but Joanna and Wendy do no like him he comes to but Fever Fox but they refuse to sell it to him. Later that night Wendy had accidentally knocked Ingrid over the banister off the stair and killed her. Ingrid then woken up screaming Joanna comes in and Ingrid says "I just died, Wendy killed me". Joanna tells Ingrid what had happened that night after her death. She tells Ingrid that she had a vision that Ingrid would die but she was too late. She came and saw Ingrid's body on the ground dead and saw Archibald and Athena. Archibald told Joanna that Wendy had killed her and then he attacked Wendy for killing his Ingrid who was his fiancée. Before he could kill her sister Joanna enchanted a knife and stabbed him which reduced him to a pile of ash, killing him in front of his own daughter. Joanna then told Wendy to get out and that she never wanted to see her again for killing both her daughters, if Ingrid dies then Freya would die as well. In the present Joanna says that was the last time she saw Wendy until a month ago and that Athena left with two women from Archibalds coven and Athena died in the early 1960's. Freya walks in and tells Ingrid and Joanna that there is a wall of Ramus Mortium in the catacombs of Fair Haven.

Joanna killing 1906 Ingrid.10

Joanna killing the reanimated 1906 Ingrid.

Unburied - Joanna walks in on Ingrid going through pictures of her and Freya in her past lives. Ingrid tells Joanna that she has figured out that they always dies young because there are no picture with her and Freya in old age. Joanna tells Ingrid that they have never lived this long that she should live her life to the fullest but Ingrid had already walked out on her. In the garden Wendy ask Joanna why is Ingrid avoiding her and Joanna tells her that she found out about the dying young thing and she also found out about the time she killed her. Joanna told Ingrid to live her life and to seize the moment while it last which gets through to Wendy. Later a man named Leo Wingate visits Joanna and tells her that she has disappeared. She then uses a spell to find Wendy using Wendy's necklace. Joanna had found Wendy in an abandon building after being killed by 1906 Ingrid Beauchamp. Joanna tried to free Wendy but 1906 Ingrid tried to attack her but before she could Joanna killed her reanimated daughter and took Wendy home. At home Wendy is waiting to resurrect and Freya walks in and says that Dash might not want to marry her because she kissed Killian. Wendy then resurrects and Joanna and Freya leave so Wendy could get some rest. Later Joanna drew the Tarot Cards for Freya and tells her that one man is her soul-mate and the other is her destroyer which ever she choose will decide her fate. After Wendy id rested she goes to find Joanna she tells her that The Shufter wants the Serpens Clavem but Joanna tells her that is was destroyed. Joanna then sees that Wendy's necklace has turned from green to red which means she is on her last life. Later that night in the back yard Joanna digs up an old box and inside it is the Serpens Clavem meaning that she did not destroy it like she told Wendy.

Joanna destroys the Serpens Clavem

Joanna destroys the Serpens Clavem.

Snake Eyes - In the morning Joanna is waiting for Wendy. When Wendy arrives Joanna shows her that she didn't destroy the Serpens Clavem. Wendy who is very nervous then ask her why would she keep it all these years because if is seductive, corrupt and poisonous. Wendy figures it out that Joanna kept it encase she would ever use it again to go back home. Wendy tries to Joanna to destroy it but Joanna wants to keep it because she wants to see someone named Frederick but Joanna doesn't want to talk about him. The Serpens Clavem calls out to Wendy, she reaches for it and it jumps onto her her arm and poisons her and then latches onto her arm. Wendy screams and Joanna comes in, Joanna goes to get the Grimoire but the Serpens Clavem has already puts it's venom into Wendy and corrupts her. Joanna comes back and finds Wendy gone she when finds her in the dinning room. Wendy being corrupted by the snake tried to convince Wendy that maybe Asgard is safe and try to leave but Joanna casts a spell to lock Wendy inside. Wendy searches for Joanna but cannot find her until Joanna attacks her and enchanted coats to hold Wendy down. Wendy starts to talk about Frederick and reveal that he is her son and that he was left behind because he was turned against her. Joanna feeling sad had given Wendy an opening and she broke free of the enchanted coats. Joanna searches for Wendy in the dark when Wendy leaps onto her but Joanna fights her off. She starts to talk about Joanna's ex-husband and how he left her. Joanna having enough of Wendy uses telekinesis to throw her away. Wendy crashes through the glass kitchen door and starts to throws knives and sharp objects at her but Joanna stops them and Wendy gets away. Joanna then takes a pair of scissors and enchants it, puts it in her back pocket and goes after her Wendy is banging on the door with the trunk used to contain the Grimoire and hurls it at Joanna to traps her. Wendy is then strangling Joanna she is planning to go to the portal and offer Joanna as a sacrifice. Joanna distracts Wendy by opening the door then stabs Wendy through her hand and cuts of the Serpens Clavem with the enchanted scissors destroying it. Later Wendy sees Joanna by the fireplace and goes over to join her, she n apologizes for everything she said when she was corrupted by the serpent. Joanna has comes to terms that she may never see her son again. Ingrid walks in and ask if Asgard is real, Joanna and Wendy ask how does she know about Asgard and she tells them that a guy named Mike told her about it. They then tell her to not humour find and to just stay away from him. Freya walks in and tells them that her powers are gone to every one's surprise.

Joanna and Victor

Joanna and Victor's first kiss in centuries.

A Parching Imbued - On the beach Joanna, Wendy and Ingrid are doing a ritual on Freya to find out what has happened to her powers but it is unsuccessful. The Beauchamps however do not know that they are being watched by Penelope Gardiner (who is The Shifter). They go home and Joanna and Wendy decide to do a spell using Freya's blood to find out who The Shifter is. When a Witch does any spell they leave like an invisible mark. Joanna uses Freya's blood mix it with other ingredients and paint a white canvas with is and who ever is The Shifter their face will be revealed on it. Wendy suggest that they call Victor to help them do a spell to get Freya's powers back but Joanna refuses because the spell is to dangerous. At The Bent Elbow Freya is attacked by The Shifter but she doesn't kill her but instead takes a lock of her hair. Freya calls Joanna and tells her and Joanna hurries down there where she begins to chase after The Shifter but she gets away. Joanna tells Freya that there is one other way to get her powers back. When they get home Joanna tells Wendy that Freya was attacked and that they need to call Victor. To Joanna's surprise Wendy calls for Victor and he comes into the kitchen. Freya ask who he is but Joanna is stunned to see him after centuries, she then gets a grip and tells Freya that he is her father. After Victor and Freya get better acquainted they go to the back yard to do the spell. Joanna, Victor and Freya are attempting to do the spell but when the spell was too painful for Freya Joanna stops it. Freya asked if it worked but Joanna tells her that she stopped it because it was too painful for Freya. Freya becomes upset and walks away. Later that night at Freya and Dash's rehearsal dinner Joanna and Wendy test everyone to determine who The Shifter is but the door bell rings. When they open the door it turns out that Freya had invited him but Ingrid and Joanna try to get him to leave. However Freya tells them it's her rehearsal dinner and if she wants him to stay he can stay. Joanna tells Victor the Freya doesn't need to get closer to him and then get abandoned again but Victor tells her that he did not abandon them and if that's what she told Freya and Ingrid. Joanna says then what should she have told them and walks away. After the rehearsal dinner had ended Victor joins Joanna and tells her that he misses her and that he still thinks about her and that he never stopped loving her. He tells her that he tried for centuries to forget her but it doesn't work she then looks at him and the both passionately kiss. When Joanna and Wendy go back to chack on the painting The Shifter had already gotten to it and changed it to show the catacombs under Fair Haven.

Ingrid, Joanna and Wendy

Joanna, Ingrid and Wendy watch as someone comes out of the portal to Asgard.

Oh, What A World! - After Wendy has returned home from the catacombs under Fair Haven she tells Joanna and Victor that the wall is starting to leak out Argentum. They believe that The Shifter is trying to get Argentum because it's one of the only few poisons that can kill Joanna. Victor then offers his help and Joanna is glad to hear it. The next morning on Freya's wedding day Joanna and Victor are seen in the same bed smiling. She wakes up and sees Freya in her wedding vial when Joanna hugs Freya the vial rips but Joanna takes it the fix it. Outside Wendy sees that it is raining and the ripped vial and immediately believes it is an omen. A raven then crashes on their front door and dies Wendy says that it is "Three Harbingers Of Doom" and they should cancel the wedding. Joanna however convinces Wendy to instead counter-act everything The Shifter does. Joanna has cleared up the weather so Freya could have some sunshine on her day. In the kitchen Freya tells Joanna that she asked Victor to walk her down the aisle and that she wants Joanna to do it too. Joanna then gives a box from Killian and leaves the room. Joanna and Ingrid are helping Freya get ready for her wedding they are laughing, drinking champagne and taking pictures Freya then comes out in her stunning wedding dress. They then burn the sage and do the blessing. Freya's sapphire bracelet that was given to her by Dash falls off and Joanna says she can fix it but Wendy points out that it is another bad omen. Joanna ask Penelope why she keeps a painting of Archibald in her house Penelope tells her that she is just paying her respects. Joanna starts to call him a murdering cult leader and Penelope then starts to get upset and Joanna picks up on that. Before the wedding begins Joanna finds Wendy and tells her that Penelope might be The Shifter they then go to the catacombs to see if anything has changed. Wendy then reveals that she is not really Wendy but is Penelope disguised as Wendy she then electrocuting Joanna knocking her out. Penelope then reveals that she wants revenge for her father. She then tells Joanna that Dash and Killian are mortal because she stole their powers when they were babies. Wendy finds Joanna in the catacombs where she sees Penelope has tied Joanna down she then start's to fight Penelope. Wendy is being strangled by Penelope but she manages to breaks the circle that was binding Joanna's power. Joanna then wraps a rope around Penelope's neck as Wendy hoist her up Joanna then throws Penelope into the furnace killing her and releasing Freya, Dash and Killian's powers back to them. Joanna and Wendy feel a rumbling in the catacombs and run to where the locked door to Asgard. They find Ingrid being forced to open the portal by Mike. Wendy pushes Mike away and Joanna pulls Ingrid away from the portal but it is to late the portal has been open. When the portal is opened Mike has disintegrated from the lights of Asgard and an unknown person make their way through the portal.

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