Joanna and Frederick
Joanna and Frederick
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Status Mother and Son; Separated (He is deceased)
First met Before Pilot, when Frederick were born
Intimacy level Close Mother/Son bond, Protective of each other, Love each other, Both of them are witches
Portrayed by Julia Ormond and Christian Cooke

This is the relationship between the witch mother, Joanna Beauchamp, and her warlock son Frederick Beauchamp.

Early Life

Joanna loved her son, Frederick, very much. They had a close bond growing up in Asgard. However, Frederick sided with the King and was partly responsible for Joanna and her family getting kicked out of Asgard and cursed for eternity.

Season 1

Wendy Beauchamp brings him up numerous of times and Joanna wishes not to talk about him every time and not to be reminded of what he had done to them all.

Season 2

Frederick came through the portal of Asgard and attempted to rekindle his relationship with his mother. She was betrayed when she learned he was really in league with her father, the king. However, they breifly reconciled once again before he was stabbed to death.

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