Joanna and Wendy
Witch sisters
Nicknames Wendanna
Status Close Sisters; Separated (Wendy died)
First met Before Pilot, when Wendy was born hundreds of years ago
Intimacy level Close sisters, Formally estranged siblings being Wendy killed 1906 Ingrid Beauchamp unintentionally, Love Each Other, Love-Hate relationship sometimes being they have different opinions on different issues
Portrayed by Julia Ormond and Mädchen Amick

This is the close sisterhood between Joanna Beauchamp and Wendy Beauchamp. They were sisters and witches born hundreds of years ago. They grew up in Asgard and settled down until their father, King Nikolaus, was infected and corrupted by the Serpens Clavem. Joanna, Wendy, and the rest of their family tried to rebel against him, but they failed to do so being Joanna's son, haven't been back to Asgard for centuries. The two sisters have had some ups and downs after being kicked out of Asgard for good, but they always manage to stick together. Their sisterhood proves that family is the only people you can really learn to trust fully and love each other unconditionally.

Season 1

After basically a century of not seeing each other, Wendy Beauchamp decides to visit her older sister, Joanna Beauchamp, to warn her that an old enemy of hers is looking for Joanna. Wendy decides to stick around and help Joanna fix the situation. We later learn the reason for their estrangement; Wendy had killed Joanna's daughter, but it was on pure accident even though Joanna completely cut ties with her. They mended their relationship and are shown to care and love each other fully again by the end of the season.

Season 2

Wendy and Joanna worked together to teach their family how to cope with magic. Things complicate when Frederick comes and neither of them agree on whether or not they should trust him. However, in the end, they band together to defeat their evil father, the king of Asgard. Unfortunately, Wendy sacrifices her life for her love and it leaves Joanna heartbroken and separated from her forever.

Triple Moon: Summer on East End

In the bonus story of the book, Joanna summons Freya and Ingrid from the book versions to help solve the problems; to find out whether or not Dash and Killian swapped bodies, and save Wendy. Joanna and Ingrid then went to another universe to contact Wendy's alternate counterpart, asking her to give half of her lives to Wendy. They then find Wendy in the Underworld and bring her back to the world of the living.

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