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Katie Cole
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Katie Cole portrayed by Eliza Faria, is the only daughter of Tommy Cole and his ex-wife.


Katie Cole is believed to be a very sweet young girl who loves animals (or at least cats).

Season 2

In The Son Also Rises Wendy shifts into a cat and on Tommy at his home, she sees him there with another woman (his ex-wife) and a girl, named Katie. Katie and her father go to bring Wendy a bowl of milk believing that she was a regular cat but then notice that the cat disappears.

Later in the 4th of July celebration Tommy introduces Katie to Wendy, his daughter who visits him on the weekends.


  • Katie shares similarities with a character in the book named Maggie Noble.
    • Both parents are divorced.
    • The parents love interest becomes jealous of his ex-wife, Ingrid to see Mariza and Wendy to see Katie's mother.
    • Both parents are deadly witch and love (Matthew & Ingrid and Tommy & Wendy.

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