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Killian Gardiner
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  • Alive


  • God of Joy and Beauty
  • Male
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Witches of East End (Book)


Killian Gardiner, or Balder, the god of joy and beauty. Killian is the youngest son of Odin and Frigg and Loki's brother. As in the TV series, Killian's soulmate, Freya Beauchamp.


Beautiful is the word that can describe Killian, is tall, dark and has disheveled hair, has long dark lashes framing his piercing blue-green eyes, has sharp features, aquiline nose and square chin. His usual attire includes jeans, shirts, sunglasses and a leather jacket which always holds no matter if it's hot.


Adjustment Dispute With TV

Killian is considerably less change the character played in the television adaptation, appearance fits the books, his personality and history with Freya too, in both versions the two are soulmates. The most noticeable change is that in the books Killian is aware of their condition of God while in the series know that it was a witch until her mother died.

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