Kyle Hutton
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  • Unknown
  • Deceased
  • Human
  • Male
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Kyle Hutton was a minor character in Season Two of Witches of East End.


After being rejected by Freya, Dash attacked Killian and set his boat adrift. Kyle was there and witnessed the event. He used a video camera to film the attack and used that as a way to blackmail Dash. First Kyle began sending Emails, later he demanded Money. After Dash paid his ransom, Kyle demanded more. Eventually Dash tracked him down using a private detective and set fire to his car which enraged Kyle. Kyle then snuck into Fair Haven and revealed via Text message that he was upstairs in the Attic. When Dash told him he would not pay anymore, Kyle threatened him and pulled out a gun, aiming it towards Ingrid who had followed Dash upstairs. Dash used his Telekinesis to cast the gun from his hands, he then proceeded to beat Kyle, repeatingly punching him in the face whilst channelling his power of Electrokinesis through his fists. This killed Kyle. Dash then dumped his body in the ocean whilst Ingrid cast a Spell to keep his body underwater. During a fight between Dash and Killian in the attic at Fair Haven, the Spell jar containing the Doll was destroyed, as a result Kyle's body was released from the bottom of the Ocean and was made visible.