Power Information
  • To propel, hover or move into the air

Levitation is the power to propel oneself into the air and hover or move through the air slightly. It is primarily a defensive power used to avoid attacks.


The possessor can lift off the ground through sheer act of will or by lifting both arms into the air; and depending on the strength and skill of the user, can apply this power in a number of ways. It should be noted that, whilst levitating maintaining ones concentration is paramount, because loss of concentration and insufficient reaction time will cause the user to fall to the ground, even if that user is skilled at breaking their fall by rising themselves upright when falling.

Notable Users

Wendy Beachamp

  • Wendy mentioned that she possesses this power in Pilot.
  • Wendy used this power to attack Joanna when she was possessed by Serpens Clavem.