Malus Amplio
Malus Amplio
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Malus Amplio is a powerful symbol of Dark Magic. When drawn by a Witch or Warlock, the symbol has the power to draw in dark energy. Once inscribed on to something, it magnifies the power of evil. This symbol was used by various evil witches throughout season one and also appeared on Mike's map of Asgard.

Noteable uses

Penelope Gardiner utalized the power of this symbol many times throughout the first season.

  • In Pilot, Penelope carved the symbol into the ground where she then killed Bill Thatcher.
  • In Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P., Penelope drew this symbol with her own blood on a tree in the garden of the Beauchamp house, the tree then turned black and died.
  • In Today I Am A Witch, Penelope drew this image on Joanna's headboard, which she then used to create nightmares of her killing Joanna in Joanna's form.
  • In Oh, What A World!, a wooden version of this symbol was one of the main ingredients in Penelope's spell to send evil omens on Freya's wedding day.

Vidar, an evil warlock sent by Penelope to end the Beauchamp line also used this symbol in his magic:

Archibald Browning, drew this symbol in blood on to Ingrid's upper torso during a blood filled orgy in the 1906.

Wendy Beauchamp, drew this symbol on Joanna's headboard to help her remember her dream.