Metal Ball Projection
Energy Ball
Power Information
  • To create a ball of metal.
Metal Ball Projection is the power to create a ball of metal.


The witch or warlock that possesses this ability can create a ball of metal. This power is activated by a small incantation "Pila Metalli" meaning "Metal Ball". Wendy Beauchamp is the only witch shown to have this power. When the metal ball is launched from the witch or warlock, it explodes when in contact with a someone or something.

Notable Examples

Wendy Beauchamp

  • When Ingrid Beauchamp wanted to leave with Archibald Browning, Wendy interferred, but after some contact and arguments, Archibald threw Wendy and pinned her on the wall with Telekinetic Wave Emission. Wendy, not ready to give up on Ingrid, starts casting a spell and a metal ball is forming. After finishing the spell, she launches the ball at Archibald. He moves out of the way, while Ingrid jumps infront of Athena to prevent her from getting hit. The ball hits Ingrid, which pushes her over the railing and plumeting her to her death.